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‘Mowers’ and shakers: Racers vroom across track at Lawnmower World Championship

Held in the English village of Heddington, the championship has purportedly been organised for nearly 50 years and has several enthusiasts who look forward to “go hurtling around a field during the summer months”.

Lawn Mower World Championships, Lawn Mower World Championships 2022, england Lawn Mower race, lawn mower race held in England, Indian ExpressThe Lawn Mower World Championship was held on June 2, 2022.

Earlier this month, the small rural village of Heddington in southeast England held its annual Lawnmower World Championships.

Paying adequate heed to safety, the participants used helmets and padded sportswear as they cruised on the uneven grassy land upon ride-on lawn tractors as they competed for the winning title.

Besides the United Kingdom, lawn mower races are held in countries like the USA and Australia and often involve re-modelled mowers. Players of all ages partake in races held by various regional clubs. In fact, the British Lawn Mower Racing Association (BLMRA) was started in 1973 by enthusiasts who were looking for a way to join affordable racing events.

Talking about the complicated nature of driving a lawnmower, Graham Tibbenham, a participant in this year’s race held on June 2, told Reuters, “It (the lawnmower) does not drive like anything that you have ever driven before, so you have to learn it from scratch.”

Race organiser Ian Radcliff spoke about the unexpected popularity of the championship and told Reuters, “I do not know why people still do it but it has been 50 years since the sport was started. There are enough crazy people out there who want to jump on a mower and tweak it up to go hurtling around a field during the summer months. Long may it last.”

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Videos from the Lawnmower World Championships 2022 are circulating widely on social media. Commenting on a video of the unusual race, a Twitter user wrote, “Now this looks like a bit of fun”. Another person commented, “I’ve never mowed a lawn before, but now I really want to!”

First published on: 06-07-2022 at 10:44:34 am
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