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Friday, December 04, 2020

Pakistani woman shares screenshots of obscene messages publicly, harasser asks to delete saying he has schizophrenia

Fearing he will be shamed, the man not only asked the woman to delete the "obscene" conversation saying he has a family now and it was a mistake, he even tried to offer her money to take the screenshots down. When nothing worked he defended his actions by saying he suffers for mental illness.

Written by Shreya Das | New Delhi | April 13, 2018 9:22:48 pm
After sending derogatory messages online, this harasser tried to apologise by saying he suffers from mental illness. (Representational image/ Pixabay)

Sexual harassment of women is a sad reality not just in the real world but on the virtual world too. From being masturbated at to pathetic demands like asking for nude pics — girls and women face these harassments on a daily basis. Many women in Pakistan are now taking a stand to fight back such creeps who approaches women across social media platforms in nasty ways. It all started after a woman publicly shared her bad experience and screenshots on Twitter against the CEO of a big music company — Patari. As more and more women started sharing their horrific encounters, it led to another event — where such harassers tried to cajole them to delete the screenshots. And when that did not work, one even said he has schizophrenia! Can you believe someone could stoop so low that tried to cover up his actions after being exposed by dropping names of serious mental illness?

In a series of tweets, Twitter user @saneschizo_ from Islamabad showed how one such creep sent a direct message to her saying her to delete the “obscene” conversation and apologised for doing so. “Delete my unsolicited nudes i sent. I have a family now,” read one such message from the offender.

When she did not oblige, he further tried to defend himself by saying, “I sent those by mistake” and “I thought of you as some other person.” And taking it further he even tried to bribe her! “I am willing to pay.”

At last, when all his pleas went unanswered, the man tried to support his actions by blaming it upon his “illness”.

Although the premise of the entire episode is very serious, the weird requests from the man left Tweeple in splits. And taking a sarcastic route, many lambasted him for being a “hypocrite” and “coward”.

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