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Sunday, June 07, 2020

This Pakistani guy’s sarcastic Facebook complaint to telco PTCL gets the job done

Next time you have a faulty Internet connection, you would want to use this guy's Facebook post as a reference!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 30, 2017 2:59:18 pm
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Most of us would write furious Facebook rants against or tweet to our Internet service providers if there are persistent problems in the service. This is after writing endless emails and making phone calls mostly go unanswered. But it seems, this guy in Pakistan had a rather interesting way to approach this problem and guess what, got the problem even looked into soon! Munir Nizami’s Facebook post – which is being called ‘the highest level of sarcasm’ by many – will leave you in splits and is going viral for the same reason.

Nizami wrote to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) on their Facebook page but his complaint might come across as everything but. He started off by writing how “life couldn’t be any happier” because the lack of Internet access and faulty phone connection that PTCL offers has, in fact, helped him focus on his studies with nobody calling or messaging him on WhatsApp and disturbing him. He realised he has become extremely productive without social media thanks to the Internet provider. For instance, he now knows there are 180 tiles in his room!

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Read the Facebook post here. 

“Good Morning,

I hope you are doing great and everything is all fine. We would like to inform you that we are doing awesome too these days. Life couldn’t be any happier. When we first installed PTCL landline and broadband, everyone told us not to because eventually we will suffer from their poor service. But if you ask me, I think they were all wrong. I am glad I installed PTCL. Last 20 days of my life couldn’t get any better. I had my university’s final exams but I had no one to disturb me as my PTCL connection is dead from last 20 days. No one can call me or I can’t call anyone. No one could disturb me with all those whatsapp messages. I saved a lot of time by not using facebook during my exams. Life was very smooth. Although i was a bit disappointed too because I couldn’t download my lecture slides because i had no internet but who gives a damn about your internet anyway. I know atleast you guys don’t.

Life was great but now my exams have ended and I have nothing to do. Since I can’t use any social network now, I have turned more productive these days. I found interesting facts like i never knew my room had 180 tiles.
Thankyou for making me productive and social in real life rather than social on some virtual network.
If you ever wanted to say you are welcome, you can always call me at +92 21 3415XXXX (inbox for complete phone #) or you can email at Oh wait, my PTCL connection is dead and i have no means of communication. I guess you have to wait now to contact me. In worst case scenario, if you really wanna talk, you can call on my cell phone (inbox for number).

Thanks a ton.

Shaikh Muniruddin Nizami
Just a happy customer of PTCL.”

Here are some of the reactions his post garnered.

While his post generated laughs on Facebook, PTCL took note of it and sent five of their engineers and technicians to solve the problems in the connection that Nizami was facing.

This is his ‘thank you’ Facebook post.

“So a team of 5 engineers and technicians came to my house today just to fix my broadband even though its Sunday and all of them were fasting.
They were the most cooperative bunch of people I have ever met.
Thank you PTCL so much for the prompt response after my complain on social media and MangoBaaz for raising the voice.
Munir Nizami
A really happy customer :)
P.S. sorry for ruining your Sunday after my whole ruined month.”

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