Not a Merry Christmas: Man carrying cannabis mistakes police car for taxi and gets busted

In a haste to reach home, the man hopped into a police car with more than 1000 rolled-up cannabis. The police took him into custody and the man could be facing a long jail term.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 24, 2017 10:26:37 pm

The man was busted just in time for Christmas with huge amount of cannabis that is illegal in Denmark. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Rushing can often ruin things, and for a man in Denmark, it marred his Christmas. In his rush to get home, a man in Copenhagen carrying cannabis hopped into a car thinking it was a taxi. But his ride home took him to the police station instead as what he thought was a taxi, turned out to be police car!

The grave mistake occurred in Christiania, a semi-autonomous district near the capital that is known as a centre for the drug trade. The man who had around 1000 joints with him when he stepped inside the car. And it was enough for the police to take him into custody.

While the Danish Police on Thursday first tweeted that he was released with a fine. It later issued a statement saying he could face a jail term.

“Last night a cannabis dealer from Christiania who wanted to get home quickly got into a taxi. He received a big surprise when he realised it was actually a police car he was sitting in. The police officers were happy to see him since he was carrying around 1,000 joints,” BBC translated their initial tweet. However, later sent out a correction as possession of cannabis is illegal in the country.

The drug dealer was not identified by the force. As the news spread on social media people couldn’t stop laughing and cracking jokes.

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