Norwegian girl was robbed of her precious belongings in Indonesia; a group of locals helped her in remarkable ways

Karin Baadsvik lost her precious belongings in Indonesia but was lucky to meet some locals who didn't just help her but bent over backwards to get things sorted.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 20, 2017 5:30:09 pm
indonesian people helping a norway girl, people help a girl who lost her money passport, humanity, people helping others, stories of people helping people, indian express, indian express news This again proves that good overpowers evil. Source: Oystein Baadsvik/Facebook)

A Facebook post praising the helpful nature and kindness of a group of Indonesian people has gone viral for the right reasons. Oystein Baadsvik, a Norwegian tuba soloist and chamber musician, shared the story of her daughter Karin Baadsvik who after losing her precious belongings in Indonesia met some locals who helped her get things sorted.

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Baadsvik, also a musician, was distraught when she lost her passport, money, cards and computer in Indonesia. But, soon enough, she came across some Indonesian people who helped her in ways more than one. The locals, at first, took her to a police station and then arranged food as well as a place for Baadsvik to sleep. The next day, the group of locals got a gig arranged for her at a local cafe in order to raise money for her. The cafe owner went a step further and bought her a ticket to Jakarta so that she could get a new passport from the Norwegian embassy there. The warmth shown by the group of locals didn’t stop there as they made Baadsvik’s journey smoother by helping her with housing and transport in Jakarta.

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The Facebook post narrating the events has drawn praise for the Indonesian people. A Facebook user named Mas Saptono Rubini wrote, “Sorry for your daughter’s inconvenience experience during her trip in indonesia. I believe, there are still lots of good people in this country”. Lainie Monsef, another user, comments, “Great story. Proves there are more good people than bad. And folks obviously know that Karin is a good person too”!

Read the full Facebook post here.

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