Newspaper makes the most awkward typo in a headline about Julia Roberts

Newspaper makes the most awkward typo in a headline about Julia Roberts

The Post-Journal in New York accidentally published a story on Julia Roberts' recent roles, but made a glaring error that earned it global fame.

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The mistake left many wondering how it happened and underlined the role of copy-editors.

A New York-based newspaper, Jamestown’s The Post-Journal, came up with a headline for an article on actor Julia Roberts. The headline said: “Julia Roberts finds life and her holes get better with age”. Quite naturally the error has got the newspaper global fame with the clipping of the newspaper going viral.

The AP story which was picked up by several publications, including the newspaper was an interview of the Oscar-winning Hollywood star in which she spoke about the roles she has been getting and about becoming better with age. However, the typo ensured the focus remained on the headline.

It’s not known if spellcheck, auto-correct or a lack of copy-editors is to blame for the error. But that didn’t stop people from having a field day with the gaffe.

Later, the newspaper did run a correction, but that didn’t really help.

The headline for the report was supposed to be: “Julia Roberts finds life (and her roles) get better with age”, in which the star speaks about her latest film ‘Ben Is Back’.