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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern wins hearts after saying ‘Easter Bunny’ is essential worker

The New Zealand Prime Minister said that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were exempt from the restrictions but warned children that they may not be able to go everywhere.

While talking to the members of the press, the prime minister reassured all children in the country that despite the lockdown, she will take measures to ensure there is festive cheer for Easter. </span>

The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are essential workers and will be exempt from all the norms of the lockdown in place to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said. Though the prime minister did tell children of the island nation that the services provided by both ‘essential workers’ could be affected by the lockdowns imposed.

Addressing a press conference, New Zealand’s prime minister said the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were “essential workers” after a reporter said that many children were worried their services would be affected by restrictions.

However, Ardern was quick to say that it might be “difficult for the bunny to get everywhere” given the current circumstances. “But as you can imagine, at this time, of course, they’re going to be potentially quite busy at home with their family as well and their own bunnies,” she said.

“So I say to the children of New Zealand if the Easter Bunny doesn’t make it to your household, we have to understand that it’s a bit difficult at the moment perhaps for the bunny to get everywhere,” Ardern said.

The prime minister also spread festive cheer by organising an Easter egg that kept in mind the present constraints against gatherings.

Putting an image of an Easter egg, Ardern wrote in a social media post, “You can draw your own Easter egg, or you can colour in the one that some of my clever friends helped to make. All you have to do is colour it in or decorate it, and pop it in your window for other kids to find. I’d also love to see your designs. If you email them to primeminister@parliament.govt.nz, or share them on social media using the hashtag #NZEggHunt”

The prime minister’s statements were appreciated online:

Ardern announced a nationwide lockdown on March 25 despite the country having a much lower death toll than the rest of the world.

On Tuesday, Ardern said she had rejected her health minister’s offer to resign for breaching nationwide lockdown rules as doing so would jeopardise plans to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. She instead demoted David Clark to the bottom of cabinet rankings and stripped him of his role as associate finance minister.

In other news, New Zealanders have been placing teddy bears in their windows during coronavirus lockdowns to brighten the mood and to give children a game to play.

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