‘Fab policing!’: New Zealand cop responds to toddler’s call to show his toys

While the father apologised and assured there was no emergency and the call was a mistake, an officer still attended the call to fulfill the little boy's request.

The boy was delighted to not just show his toys but also got a chance to see patrol car.

Those who work in the police or law enforcement agencies are usually considered to be grim and serious. However, time and again they have showed their lighter and sweeter side winning the internet. Latest being New Zealand Police who responded to an unusual emergency call by a toddler — asking cops to come and see his toys!

When a female police operator answer an emergency call recently, she didn’t expect a four-old-year boy to be on the other side. As she inquired what was the emergency, the little caller took a moment to ask if he can tell her something. When the operator responded with an yes, the boy replied: “I’ve got some toys for you”.

When the operator confirmed if she heard it correctly, the boy giddily asked the officer to “come over and see them!” Before the boy could answer the next question where he lives, the boy’s father quickly attended the call to apologise, assuring it was a mistake.

“I was focusing on the other child…he just snuck out,” the father was heard in the conversation released by the force. Although the call ended with the operator saying it wasn’t a problem as the child was just talking about his toys, what happened next won hearts online.

After the call was over, the operator informed the dispatch team about the boy’s request and soon an officer stepped up saying he would attend the call. The force also released an image of the duo, with the little boy donning a police hat, sitting on the top of bonnet.

Hear the boy’s call here:

The force added that the boy showed off his wide variety of his toys to the officer who turned up at his home to fulfill his innocent wish. “He did have cool toys,” the officer who attended the call was quoted.

The lucky child also got a chance to see the police patrol car and the officer even turned on the red and blue lights to delight him.

The video earned plaudits online and many parents were grateful the officer went above and beyond to spread joy to a little one. While many appreciated the force’s gesture to oblige the toddler’s request, others argued how it’s always good to follow up, “because if the call had been intentional & the parent was the problem that visit could have been life saving. Fab policing!”

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