These viral ‘My son is…’ predictive text jokes on Twitter will leave you in splits

These viral ‘My son is…’ predictive text jokes on Twitter will leave you in splits

A video game developer asked people to check what their phone predicts for their “My son is...” text. The tweet grabbed many eyeballs on Twitter, and the hilarious jokes will crack you up.

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So, what is your “My son is…” predictive text? Share it in the comments below. (Source: Getty Images)

While auto-correct can be quite a nuisance for many people, there have been several occasions when it turns a monotonous situation into a humorous moment. While Mahira Khan’s adorable ‘autocorrect fail’ chat with her mom left Twitterati in splits, a comedian’s rant about ‘predictive text’ on the phone was equally hilarious. Dwelling on the same, a video game developer Merritt K asked people to type “My son is…” and then let the predictive text take over.

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In her tweet, she wrote, “type ‘my son is’ then let predictive text take the wheel,” and then posted what her phone predicted for her. “My son is a man forever but he doesn’t have a thing to do with me and he doesn’t like me.” The tweet grabbed many eyeballs on Twitter — with many posting funny as well as bizarre responses that their phone predicted for them.

While some people wrote exactly what their phone predicted such as, “my son is a great sandwich and i ate my sandwich,” others gave funny twists to the responses they received. Check out a few hilarious reactions here:

What does your phone predict for your “My son is…” text? Tell us in the comments below.