Mother makes life-sized birthday cake for her twin daughters and it’s a treat for our eyes

We all have that one person who makes your birthday more than just a day of celebration or party. Going beyond limits to give you some special memories of your birthday is their second nature. One such memory was created by this mother who made a life-sized cake for her twins.

Written by Anjali Jha | New Delhi | Published: February 15, 2018 7:32:51 pm

life size birthday cake, twins birthday cake, life size twins birthday cake, Lara Mason What is your best birthday memory? (Source: Lara Mason/Facebook)

Birthdays are special and mothers go to extreme limits to make sure we have a beautiful memory of that day. For some it’s just another day but for those who celebrate their big day with all the excitement and fun here is a story that you may relate to – because it’s a birthday story! So when Lara Mason had twins, she wanted to do something extraordinary for their birthday. And what can be better than a life-size birthday cake? An amateur baker, it took her around 100 hours to create the edible masterpiece of her daughters, Lily and Lyla.

The twins may not have realised the extraordinariness right now, but when they grow up these pictures will surely bring a smile on their faces. To make the life-size cakes resembling her babies, Lara had to use 44 eggs, 2.2kg flour and 4kg buttercream. She posted pictures of her babies on Facebook and her followers’ couldn’t stop gasping over it.

The cakes are so accurately made that many have been saying that it is hard to spot the difference between the cakes and the babies.

Watch a video of the cakes here.

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