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Friday, December 13, 2019

‘Moo’tivational step: Russian dairy farm tests VR glasses on cows to get more milk

Though it is unclear if the experiment has increased milk production, various reports suggested that the experiment has resulted in decreased anxiety and improved the emotional mood of the heard.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 3, 2019 10:34:10 am
Russia, Russian farmers give VR glasses to cow, cows with VR glasses, cows VR glasses, cows, milk, Russian Ministry of Agriculture, Virtual reality, Russian experiment, Trending, Indian Express news Consultants and veterinarians helped develop the large virtual reality glasses to let cows to visualise a summer field.

There are various attempts that have been made to improve cows’ milk production, but a new experiment in Russia has made global headlines. A Russian dairy farm, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, tested virtual reality glasses on cows in an attempt to calm and motivate them to produce more milk.

According to a CNN report, the experiment was based on the theory that a cow’s environmental conditions play a major role in the amount of milk produced.

A team of developers, assisted by several consultants and veterinarians, came up with modified large-sized virtual reality glasses which allow cows to visualise a summer field, reported CNN. There are no visuals of the cows wearing the headsets, barring a couple of photos released by the ministry, and it wasn’t clear how long the devices were worn by the animals.

It is also unclear if the cows’ milk production increased due to the experiment, but the Russian government claimed that the experiment resulted in decreased anxiety and improved the emotional mood of the herd.

Here’s how people reacted to the Russian experiment:

Various experiments have been conducted in the past to boost milk production, like playing classical music or installing dim lights.

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