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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

‘NEVER okay’: Men harass TV reporter before her Live shot, disturbing moments captured on camera

"Being hit on and harassed as a woman, especially as a woman reporter out in the field, happens so often you learn how to roll with it or ignore it," the reporter wrote while sharing the clip. Women from all fields of works said they have been in a similar situation.

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Updated: July 25, 2021 10:51:15 am
Brianna Hamblin, Brianna Hamblin racists crude remark on camera, reporter harassed be live, Brianna Hamblin video viral, indian expressWhile lauded her for her grace in handling the situation, others wished someone had intervened.

Women being harassed in public spaces is sadly a common occurrence around the globe. And more often than not, many remain silent or polite about to avoid things from blowing up. Now, in yet another  such incident, a female reporter faced harassment even while the camera was rolling.

Brianna Hamblin, a reporter for Spectrum News 1 in Rochester, New York, shared a disturbing incident on Twitter. “Being hit on and harassed as a woman, especially as a woman reporter out in the field, happens so often you learn how to roll with it or ignore it,” Hamblin said. What made the video more problematic was the racist comments that the passersby kept throwing at the reporter. .

The video showed Hamblin waiting by the side in front of a home waiting to deliver a news report. Several men can be heard in the background, with one exclaiming profanity at the bright camera light early in morning.

“You look nice, by the way,” the man who had been yelling expletives in the background said as he passed by.

Hamblin, who attempted to avoid engaging by looking down, however, couldn’t stop the man from continuing to bother her. “You’re beautiful as hell,” he is heard off-camera, to which she replied, “Thank you,” so that the matter does not escalate.

After the men continued commenting on her appearance and what she was doing there, Hamblin kept calm and politely asked them to check her channel to find out. But things took a bad turn, when one of the men harassing her, began making vulgar and abusive racist comments.

“See that’s why I can’t be left alone with a Black woman,” he continued adding he can’t be controlled around “Mulatto” women. For the uninitiated, Mulatto is a racial phrase referring to people of mixed white and black ancestry.

“Because I can’t stand these f***ing white girls,” he added. At this, Hamblin finally interjects and was heard saying, “All right, we are done here.” Visibly in discomfort, she tried to maintain her composure and concluded, “Have a great rest of your day.”

But even that doesn’t stop the man, as the camera keeps rolling for her to go live, the male voice was heard yelling, “You’re sexy as f**k,” even as the journalist looked uncomfortable.

She also mentioned that at least this time she was accompanied by photographer Scott Barstow and that the work of women who are reporting in the field alone is “not safe” and “scary”. “But the convo about the dangers of reporters working alone is for another day,” she concluded her thread, which has started a serious conversation online.

The video left netizens furious online, while many female reporters said this happens too often. While many glad that she wasn’t alone this time, they felt the cameraman should have intervened and stopped the men than keeping the camera running. Twitterati also highlighted how the reporter handled it but stresses it is high time women shouldn’t have to go through this just to do their job well.

The video went viral and got everyone talking and her employers too issued a statement. “We are glad that Brianna wasn’t alone in the face of such adversity and we’ve never been more proud of her,” Spectrum News told Jezebel a statement.

“She handled the situation impeccably, remaining calm and professional throughout. We want our employees to feel safe and are constantly working towards achieving that goal,” Shari Culpepper, a spokesperson for the company told Buzzfeed News.

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