Melania Trump’s latest fashion choice left Twitterati very confused

Melania Trump’s latest fashion choice left Twitterati very confused

Many Twitter users speculated that it wasn't Melania Trump as the FLOTUS was seen wearing a sunglass at night and holding the hands of Donald Trump.

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President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive on the South Lawn of the White House after making a surprise visit to troops in Iraq. (Source: AP)

After a surprise visit to Iraq on Christmas to meet the US troops deployed in the country, US President Donald Trump and Fist Lady Melania Trump arrived back in Washington. But it wasn’t just the tour that got everyone talking though. As the FLOTUS landed back wearing leather tan pants, an optical illusion led many to wonder if she “forgot her pants” and “why she was wearing such a short mini”.

As the couple deplaned from Marine One before the sun had even come up, Twitter began to debate the oddities of her outfit choice as she was also seen wearing a pair of sunglasses at night. Many also suggested maybe it wasn’t the First Lady at all and Trump was using a body double!

Donning a dark green coat, the FLOTUS wore a body-hugging caramel colour pants and matching pumps, but Twitterati remained quite confused.

However, there were also many who defended the FLOTUS and said that the creases on the leather pants were quite visible and slammed them for trolling her for no reason.