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We’re Lovin’ it! McDonald’s Black Friday tweet goof-up has everyone in splits, the excuse is even better

As McDonald's tweeted out something for Black Friday that did not make much of a sense, it's competitor Wendy's tried to steal the thunder by taking a dig at them. But just in time an excellent move by the burger chain saved the day. Phew!

McDonald’s made a goof-up while tweeting out on Black Friday but managed to save it with a excellent reply and social media managers around the world could relate to it.

It seems McDonald’s social media staff had all taken the day off to stand in the long queues of the much-awaited Black Friday sales, as the fast-food chain’s Twitter handle recently posted a draft tweet that has had everyone in splits ever since. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is loaded with mind-boggling offers, crazy sale records, and customers going berserk right before the holiday season, and the burger chain was probably hoping to cash in on the buzz with its own offer, when this tweet went out the night before.

Late November 23 night, the official handle tweeted, “Black Friday **** Need copy and link****”. Quite unsurprisingly, the gaffe caught the eye of the ever-observant Twitterati, and there has been much revelry ever since. While many empathised (you think?!) with the social media managers, others speculated whether this was actually planned and intended to create the buzz that it did. Some even good-naturedly offered a couple of excuses that McDonald’s staff could use as an explanation.

Even competitors joined in later, with some good-natured ribbing and plugging of their own brand. Check out these tweets first.

The tweet created a hullabaloo on the micro-blogging site, and people couldn’t stop LOL-ing. While some raised questions, if it was a PR strategy, others were convinced it was a faux pax.

And even competitors did not miss out on the opportunity. Wendy’s took a jibe at McDonlad’s and left everyone in splits. They even vouched, “We’re gonna end up owing ourselves a year of free chicken nuggets at this rate.”

But before things went out of hand, someone took charge and saved the day. Here’s the tweet that is winning hearts on Twitter:

The tweet further garnered a lot of attraction and Tweeple had a lot to say about it.