Marilyn Monroe to spacemen: Ads that stand out in NFL’s Super Bowl 50

Marilyn Monroe to spacemen: Ads that stand out in NFL’s Super Bowl 50

Superbowl season every year is the prime time when companies roll out their products and seek to woo viewers with impressive creative commercials. Check out what Super Bowl's 50th edition had to offer in 2016.

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These creative ads that debuted at Super Bowl 50 explain the cultural phenomenon they have become over the years. (Source: YouTube)

Super Bowl — the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) — becomes a television phenomenon every NFL season, not just because of highly competitive football fans, but also due to the many high-profile television commercials that debut around this time. Super Bowl games have frequently been ranked as the US’ most watched television broadcasts, hence, the scrambling around of advertisers to get their products featured in this highly lucrative slot. In fact, some statistics say a large number of viewers tune in just for the ads. Creativity isn’t lacking in these ad offerings, and their quality explains why the ads have become as much of a cultural phenomenon as the championship itself. February 7, 2016, was the 50th edition of the Super Bowl — and it didn’t disappoint. Take a look at what 2016 had to offer:

At first glance, dachshunds dressed as hot dogs just feels wrong and cute at the same time. By the end of the ad, you’ll just go ‘aww’ as they leap into human arms.

This Pantene ad series proves that the sensitive man has finally arrived. It features top NFL stars doing their daughters’ hair, as well as their moms would.

This ad for T-Mobile features rapper Drake grooving to his own track ‘Hotline Bling’. Watch as he accepts every client suggestion with a straight face. This ad will resonate with many corporates out there.


Audi hit the right nerve in this ad featuring a former astronaut from the Space Age, who is rather forlorn by the monotony and relatively unexciting post-retirement life. That is until his son brings home an Audi. While the comparison between a spacecraft and a car may seem too far-fetched, the ad will certainly strike a chord.

Shock Top
American actor and comedian TJ Miller gets into a lighthearted banter with the brand mascot of beer company Shock Top — which is a sunglasses-wearing orange slice.

Avocados from Mexico
In this ad, aliens visit a museum exhibiting human progress by the way of tools. A young alien actually wonders if humans had a brain. The ad is for avocados. Wondering what’s the link between the two? Watch it here.

Now we know where Rekha biting into a bar of Snickers came from. In this Snicker’s ad, Willem Dafoe — best known as the Green Goblin from Spider Man — gets into the skin of Marilyn Monroe. Don’t get alarmed, the ad is imminently watchable with a sullen Dafoe cribbing about his heels and dress. We say he could give Marilyn Monroe a run for her money.

In this ad, it’s just Ryan Reynolds EVERYWHERE. Need we say more?

The Hulk gets beaten in this ad by a tiny Iron Man. Really. What about his burly strength, you say? That’s exactly what goes against him. Check it out.

Academy Award and BAFTA winning actor Helen Mirren shames drunk drivers in this ad for Budweiser, and she does it with the quintessential British class.