‘This matter is between me and Almighty God’: Pakistani man leaves note after stealing money from mosque

A man in Pakistan's southern Punjab province stole UPS batteries and a donation box from Jamia Masjid Sadiqul Madina. And also left a note behind defending his actions. He clearly wrote he was not helped earlier and that is why he took such a drastic step.

New Delhi | Published: June 26, 2017 5:20:47 pm
ramadan, ramzan, eid, man in pakistan steals money from pakistan, indian express, indian express news “When people refused to help me, I was forced to steal from the mosque,” the man reportedly wrote in his letter to the mosque authorities. (Representative Image/File Photo)

The holy month of Ramadan has just included and Muslims all across the globe are busy celebrating Eid al-Fitr. While one can sense a definite air of merriment, it is not the only picture. There are also several others who are struggling to make ends meet, and when pushed against the wall, some are literally turning to God for help, in the oddest of ways.

This is not an exaggeration.

One such instance happened in Khanewal district in the southern Punjab province of Pakistan, where a man stole UPS batteries and a donation box from Jamia Masjid Sadiqul Madina. According to a report in The Express Tribune, the thief also left behind a note explaining and defending his actions.

“This matter is between me and Almighty God. Please, nobody should try to find me. I am a very needy person and thus stealing from Allah’s home,” the thief’s letter reportedly read. He also wrote that he had come to the mosque even earlier and and had asked the prayer leader for help, but was refused and thrown out.

“When people refused to help me, I was forced to steal from the mosque. I have not stolen anything from anyone’s house. I’m just taking a few things from Allah’s house so this is a matter between me and Him. None should poke their nose in our matter,” he further wrote.

Qari Saeed, the prayer leader of Jamia Masjid Sadiqul Madina in Chak 163-10R, while speaking to The Express Tribune said that along with the donation box, two USP batteries worth Rs50,000 were stolen when worshippers were busy during Laylatul Qadr prayers.

His intent behind stealing has generated sympathy among the locals who are ready to forgive him. They also requested Saeed to forgive him. One of the residents called Abbas, along with other worshippers, had also agreed to buy new UPS batteries for the mosque.

However, Saeed is in no mood to forgive and has insisted that the thief be caught and punished. He also denied the fact that anyone had come earlier to seek for help, as claimed in the letter.

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