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‘Eggcellent’: Man shows how to ‘peel an egg without peeling an egg’. Watch

An entrepreneur shared a new way of peeling an egg and his video was posted by YouTube on their official Instagram handle.

Man shows new way of peeling eggs, boiled eggs, eggs, hard-boiled, Max Klymenko, entrepreneur, YouTube, Instagram, hack, life hack, viral, trendingMax Klymenko, an entrepreneur, shared a new and innovative way of peeling eggs.

People who are fond of eating boiled eggs for breakfast are aware of the struggle and effort it takes in peeling them. One has to put the eggs in cold water so that they don’t burn their hands while peeling them. Also, the shell seems to stick to the egg if it hasn’t been boiled for the desired time.

Max Klymenko, an entrepreneur, shared a new and innovative way that must have never been thought of before. His video of peeling an egg was posted by YouTube on their official Instagram account. “This is how you peel an egg without peeling an egg,” he says in the video. He then proceeds to make a “relatively large hole” at the bottom of the egg. Then he makes a small one up top. After that, he says “use your lung power to do one simple movement”.

He blows into the smaller hole and the egg smoothly comes out of the shell, from the bigger hole at the bottom, right into his hands. YouTube captioned the video, “brb boiling eggs tonight just to do THIS.”

Watch the video below:

The video has received more than 3.06 lakh views since being posted Wednesday.
“Works with hardboiled only,” commented an Instagram user. “Wow. On repeat!” said another. A third said, “literally what ive done in grade school.” “Eggcellent,” wrote another netizen.

First published on: 06-10-2022 at 14:27 IST
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