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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

From dinosaurs to Polaris nuclear missile: Britain’s TWO museums had an EPIC Twitter war

During an 'Ask a Curator Twitter event', one man's harmless yet cheeky question started a war between UK's leading two museums and the result is hilarious!

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 17, 2017 6:58:51 pm
Let the #MuseumBattles begin! (Source: Twitter)

Museums are places that people often associate with being peaceful and quiet. Not a place you’d expect a war, really! But all that changed last week in Twitterverse, when two prominent British museums locked horns and began an EPIC Twitter war over who’s better! Squabbling siblings, we tell ya!

And much like Game of Thrones, this one had dragons and hellfire were unleashed — NOT kidding! It all started when a man – during The Natural History Museum’s Ask a Curator event on Twitter – had a seemingly harmless query. Twitter user @bednarz asked, “Who would win in a staff battle between @sciencemuseum and @NHM_London, what exhibits/items would help you be victorious?”

To this, the National History Musuem replied, “We have dinosaurs. No contest.” However, the answer was not taken kindly by the Science Museum and they quickly quipped, “@NHM_London is full of old fossils, but we have robots, a Spitfire and ancient poisons. Boom! “And before you knew it, both the London museums were not only there to outdo one another, they even displayed their iconic and prestigious possessions to win the battle.

From dinosaurs to mermans, they even fought about cockroaches and nuclear missiles. It was hilarious to say the least. We couldn’t decide whose replies were cooler or punnier, so here’s the entire discussion.

The tweet that started the social media war:

Here’s what Natural History Museum replied:

And the Science Museum is in no mood to let go.

And then the war began!

Seeing the dragons, reptiles and fire engines, the man finally stepped in to call it draw, they agreed. but only for a while and the #Museumwar began again!

And then someone else tried to intrude and still the thunder with a mic drop moment, but alas!

Then finally sense dawned upon them and the fight ended as they had a “ball”, but not without Game of Thrones music!

Aren’t we glad they are friends again! Phew!

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