This elder sister’s story of breaking bricks to buy a bicycle for her brother has left Netizens teary-eyed

The 12-year-old little girl breaks bricks with her mother to help her run the family and to help her younger brother get proper education. Recently, she put in extra hours to buy a bicycle for him.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 12, 2018 10:10:03 pm
The little girl worked extra for six months in order to buy a bicycle for her brother so that he doesn’t have to walk anymore. (Source: GMB Akash/ Facebook)

You never know when life may take an untoward turn. And, it becomes even more difficult to cope up with it if you are just a child. However, age was just a number for little Rotna Akter, who decided to share the burden of her mother and became another bread earner for the family. The heart-warming and painful story of the little girl has left hundreds teary-eyed on social media.

In a post, shared by Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash, who – much like Humans of New York – shares heart-touching accounts of people he shoots, spoke about the sacrifices that the little girl made for her brother. In a post shared on Facebook and Instagram, the ace photographer narrated how she lost her father when she was just 6-years-old.

However, when she saw her mother struggling to make ends meet, she decided to join her at work and break bricks to earn a living. “My mother cried loudly holding me on her chest the first day I went to work beside her. She never wanted to take me with her to work there. My father always had a dream to send me and my younger brother to school,” Akash quotes the elder sister who is now 12-years-old.

Talking about her life’s struggle, the teenager said, “I could hardly break 30 bricks a day and could only earn 30 taka on the first day. But now I can break up to 125 bricks and earn 125 taka per day. With my income, I am able to continue to pay for my younger brother Rana’s education. He is a very good student and this year, he came second in his class.”

For the past few months, she was working more to save some money to buy a bicycle for her sibling. “For the last 6 months, I have been working extra hours to earn more money. Two days ago with this money, I bought a new bicycle for my brother, so he can go to his new class and tuition with the bicycle.” As proud as she is of her achievement, she is even more proud to boast that her little brother has promised her that he will “never” let her work again after getting a job.

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The photographer also shared a video of the little girl breaking bricks on Instagram to show her pathos with a caption, “Anyone can do anything for love.”

While hundreds are moved by the post, many have expressed their will to share the burden of the girl and help her family.

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