Like to binge-watch? These tweets about binge watching are way too real

Like to binge-watch? These tweets about binge watching are way too real

Do you binge-watch your favourite show often? And despite knowing the fact that it's not good for your health can't leave it? Well, you are not alone. Scores of Twitterati are sharing their experiences online and its way too relatable.

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Can’t stop binge-watching your favourite show? You are not alone. (Source: Twitter)

No matter how we busy we are in our day-to-day, from teens to adults, most of us have acquired an obnoxious habit of binge watching. Be it watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones as we wait for the final season, or watching Stranger Things at one go, binge-watching is an addiction common to many. And even though we know it tells a lot about our social life, no matter how much we want to shy away from it, we can’t. Be it weekend or a random holiday, we sit/lie glued to our screens watching our favourite shows.

Well, we are not an insignificant number. Scores of Twitterati are sharing their pain of binge-watching in a series of memes and jokes, and they’re highly relatable. Check them out:

While some have also highlighted that timely reminder by Netflix is ‘sweet’, it still doesn’t help.

However, it must be noted this isn’t the first time Netflix acknowledged the problem. Remember in the days running up to Christmas when Netflix US grew concerned about people rewatching A Christmas Prince for 18 days running?

Do you binge-watch often?