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5-yr-old boy tears father’s stash of cash worth almost Rs5 lakh into pieces

The little boy tore currency worth 50,000 yuan that was kept in his father's drawer.

The father tried to take the cash to the bank but could not get them exchanged. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Children can be extremely mischievous, and always need something or the other to keep themselves occupied. And if it’s a toddler we’re talking about, then adult supervision at all times is generally advised. Because if they are left alone, without no one to keep a check on their amusement-seeking activities, you could end up with scribbles on walls, or books being torn and newspapers strewn about everywhere.

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However, a five-year-old boy in China did something completely unthinkable — and might we add has set quite an example in this regard. Left completely to himself, he did not scribble on the walls or tear any papers, rather he reached out for his father’s drawer and tore all the cash he found there.

Yes, you read that right!

According to a report in the Shanghaiist, the father, surnamed Gao from China’s Shangdon province, came home and found out that his son had decided to amuse himself by tearing cash he found in a drawer to pieces. Apparently the little boy tore currency worth 50,000 yuan (Rs 4.7 lakh approx.).


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After discovering what his son did, he tried to control some of the damage by taking all the cash to the bank, hoping to get them exchanged. However, it was clearly was not his day as he was told by the workers that he must piece all the cash right back in order to get them exchanged. But much to the father’s credit, he did not blame his son. “He’s still little, he doesn’t know any better,” he said.