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2017’s LOUSIEST thieves

While there are a lot of bad things happening in the world, but sometimes when they are caught on camera they are no less than bloopers. Here is a collection of robbery videos and stories that prove these robbers were nothing but plain lousy.

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Having a bad day? These robbery-gone-bad stories are sure to make you laugh. (Designed by Nidhi Mishra)

The past one year has been pretty amusing when it comes to robbery fails. From stories about a thief who tried to break into a garage through the window even though the door was wide open to a bugler who tried to cover his face with toilet paper, and not to forget the one who left his phone inside the house he robbed, there have been many such ‘crimes’ that left us LOL-ing.

Many of these were caught on CCTV cameras that somehow later made it to various social media platforms. Though these recorded clips are meant to help identify and catch a thief, sometimes they also end up capturing moments that highlight the foolishness of certain robbers. Also, with the presence of social media it doesn’t take much time for these captured videos to go viral on the Internet and make people wonder what the robbers were actually thinking.

This year, many such stories and videos have gone viral and as the year is coming to an end, and we have curated a list of some of our favourites that would surely tickle the funny bone.

1. Thief tries to run away with cash drawer, gets beaten up by four women workers instead!

In a surveillance video released by the police, a robber is seen trying to run away with a drawer full of cash, only – he doesn’t make it. Not only is he pitted against four women who, evidently, hold tightly onto the drawer, but also gets endless smacks on his head from them until he runs for his life away from the female ninjas!


2. Thief covers face with TOILET PAPER to avoid getting caught!

In order to avoid getting caught, the man covered his face with toilet paper. Yes, you read that right! The incident occurred on August 28 in Suixi County, Huaibei City, east China’s Anhui province, and despite the elaborate effort of rolling all that toilet paper around his head, he was eventually caught as another camera had recorded his face.

3. This guy needs to get an award for being the most idiotic thief ever!

Caught on camera, this thief broke into a garage after a long struggle with a boarded up window. There’s nothing wrong with his modus operandi, per se, except for one tiny detail — the door to the garage was actually wide open.

4. Bengaluru thief leaves behind mobile phone at the house he robbed

(Source: Thinkstock images)

Well, in what seems to be a bizarre and hilarious case of a robbery that’s potentially gone wrong, a thief forgot his cellphone in the house of the industrialist he and his fellow mates had robbed, and he probably lives to rue his forgetfulness in a bid to quickly escape from the crime scene!

According to a New Indian Express report, the thugs first poisoned the owner’s pet dog. After the dog lost consciousness, they broke open the main door of the building, taking Rs 3 lakh in cash and 400g of gold jewellery. The incident occurred on September 29 night in Nelamangala taluk at the house of Srinivas in Arisinakunte village, when the family was away.

Upon returning home, the owners found their belongings stolen and lodged a complaint with the police. When the authorities inspected the house, they saw a mobile phone that did not belong to any of the family members. With the mobile phone of one of the culprits in possession, the police hope to catch them soon.

5. Freed to be jailed? Burglar got stuck for 7 hours, only to be rescued (arrested) by cops!

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(Source: West Midlands Police/ Twitter)

A 45-year-old burglar bit off more than he could chew when he got stuck in an extractor of an eatery in Birmingham, UK. The man got entangled in it, with his legs hanging up in the air outside the building, not for a few minutes, but for SEVEN long hours! Unable to move at all and desperate to be free, he had to scream for help. Finally, the police and firefighters were called in to help him. West Midlands Police posted the picture from the site with a great advice, “#dontgetstuck if you’re trying to break in. 5 hours later shouting help #triptocustody by all means.”

Later, on their website, the cops explained what had happened. According to the post, “Police were called after a member of the public spotted a pair of legs sticking out from DFC Chicken on Rookery Road in Handsworth at around 8.20am today, 2 November.” And added that he was rescued around 9 am. “The fire brigade had to come in and use the jaws of life to pull back all the extractor casing to release him, ” the response officer PC Matthew Willocks said.

6. Using toy gun, unemployed engineer tries to rob bank in south Mumbai, arrested

Representational Image. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

An unemployed electrical engineer was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly tried to rob a south Mumbai bank wielding a toy gun. The man entered the bank near Nariman Point holding the gun and asked everyone to lie down on the floor, the branch manager has told the police. It was only after a police team reached the spot that it came to light that he was using a toy gun to hold the bank employees to ransom.

7. A mash-up of robberies that went haywire

Interestingly, there is a video compilation of various robbery fails that happened this year. While there is no confirmation whether all of these videos belong to the current year, they sure are funny enough to make it to the list.

8. Robbery fails in the month of October

Wondering if karma ever strikes back? Here is a collection of videos that sure can make you say ‘it does’.


This Uber rider was caught STEALING money from the driver’s TIP BOX

Apparently, a woman, who was taking an Uber ride with her friends, was caught stealing money from her cab driver’s tip box on camera in New York. In a clip captured on the dashcam, she can be seen looking straight into the camera as she scoops out all the cash just before she and her friends get out. The girl used her scarf to cautiously steal the money, when the driver was looking out through the window to search for an appropriate parking. The driver realised it only when she left and was seen running after the girl.

Woman enters McDonald’s outlet through a window, steals food and cash

A woman in Maryland, US, took things to a bizarre level when she entered a McDonald’s outlet from a window and stole cash and food. But she does all of these after pouring herself a drink! While still trying to enter from the window, the woman first gets herself a drink from the machine and then goes on to do the needful.