Supercool, sassy kindergarten girl writes ‘You Love Me’ on Valentine’s Day cards for classmates!

As they say, kids say the darndest things, and this five-year-old has got herself a huge fan base only after the reasoning behind her Valentine's Day cards to her classmates went viral!

Written by Anjali Jha | New Delhi | Published: February 15, 2018 8:33:49 pm

viral stories, 5-year-old girl writes Valentine's Day cards, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day stories, Valentine's Day cards, Twitter funny moments, funny kid stories, indian express, indian express news These Valentine’s Day cards put some major shade on the traditional mush, and we LOVE it!  (Source: Michael Cruz Kayne/Twitter)

All of us must have written letters to our friends and families during our school days. But how many of us have put out your real feelings in those papers? Most of us lack such level of confidence when it comes to showing our true selves. However, this five-year-old girl’s confidence is just the thing that most of us would want to have. When Michael Cruz Kayne’s daughter was asked to write cards to her classmates on Valentine’s Day, she showed the ultimate sassy attitude and wrote, ‘You Love Me’ on every card.

Thinking it might have been an honest mistake, when Kayne pointed it out to her kid, she simply said, “No I didn’t”. Kayne shared a picture of the cards and the story on Twitter, and unsurpringly people were bowled over with the kid’s confidence.

Check out her tweets here.

Twitterverse burst into laughter after seeing the pictures of her card, while praising the five-year-old.

As they say, kids say the darndest things, don’t they?! Well, here’s to the kiddo never losing this sass as an adult!

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