Kim Kardashian’s daughter North’s ‘cutest tantrum’ is now a meme

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North’s ‘cutest tantrum’ is now a meme

Remember dressing up in your mother's giant shoes as a kid? North West too wore her mom's boots and matched it with her outfit but when mom Kim Kardashian-West didn't want her daughter to wear it to school, she threw a tantrum.

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Little North’s photos are going viral and many are finding it very relatable.

It’s not unusual for children to imitate their parents. North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian-West, recently swayed in a trendy chic outfit just like the reality TV star. Matching the shoes with her outfit, she was set to go to her school. However, things turned wary and she was left in tears.

Although her colour-coordinated snakeskin boots with the magenta dress were quite fashion-forward for any 5-year-old, but Kim didn’t allow her to wear her shoes to school.

The reality TV star shared photos of her eldest daughter online and shared the cute incident, explaining what exactly pissed off her kid. “Sooooo Miss North dressed herself and thought she was ready for the day until I explained she couldn’t wear my boots. 😂💕,” the mother of three tweeted.

While most found the story hilarious, others said they had done the same as kids, while many moms of toddlers shared how their kids do the same thing.