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‘IT’ clown spotted in an empty movie hall; Twitterati freak out

An eerie incident involving a creepy clown in a theatre in the UK during the screening of IT (a horror flick based on a novel by Stephen King) has left Twitterati completely spooked out.

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What would you do if you entered the cinema theatre and saw a clown sitting all by himself? (Source: @HG_Hohbes/Twitter)

Based on the 1986 horror novel by Stephen King, IT hit movie screens and made box office history. The spooky film has been giving a spine-tingling experience to movie-goers and has created quite a buzz on social media. And if the film wasn’t enough to terrify people, an eerie incident that took place in a theatre in the UK has left Twitterati scared stiff. A man named Chris, whose Twitter handle is @HG_Hohbes, posted about an encounter in an empty movie hall. “Went to see IT, I’m first in the screen and this f*****g guy’s just sitting there,” he tweeted along with a picture of someone dressed up like the clown, Pennywise.

That was not all, he shared yet another picture of the clown standing with a balloon in his hand and captioned it: “Now he’s wandering around.” His tweets soon went viral with almost 300,000 likes and 100,000 retweets, at the time of writing. “Had a chat to (sic) him, he’s actually alright,” he then wrote in another tweet.

Check out his post here.

No sooner had he posted it, a string of replies were hurled back at him. While some tried to find humour in it, others marvelled at the fact that he was still alive. “Chris it’s been 2 hours are you still alive,” one Twitter user wrote, while another tweeted, “I would totally sit next to him! Then again, I’m not scared of clowns. Would’ve even shared a big popcorn with him.”

Some of them started sharing their own tales. “A CLOWN WALKED INTO MY CINEMA WHILE WATCHING IT AND I SWEAR TO GOD I NEARLY DIED,” one Twitter user wrote.


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