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10 years of Iron Man: Netizens recall how Robert Downey Jr aka Tony Stark became their ‘favourite superhero’

10 years of Iron Man: Twitterati share their thoughts about Tony Stark aka Iron Man played by the renowned actor Robert Downey Jr in the first movie by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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10 years of Iron Man: Twitterati revisit the memory of watching the first movie featuring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. (Source: YouTube)

If you are a superhero buff, you can’t have missed the story of Tony Stark — the self-proclaimed genius, playboy and philanthropist. While most fans love actor Robert Downey Jr as the stylish billionaire, a few dislike him for being a proud braggart. Ten years ago, this day when Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) released their first superhero movie – Iron Man, most movie lovers didn’t expect it to turn into such a huge franchise.

After his initial introduction in the movie, fans saw Stark at his most vulnerable side with hardly any hero-like quality and most viewers wondered how the man could turn into a superhero. But, the way he built a masterpiece inside his cave in just one week and turned it into a major success story paved an incredible journey for Iron Man — to fight against evil forces and save the world.

As the first superhero movie of Marvel comics completes 10 years, Netizens can’t keep calm on social media. Twitter has been buzzing with tweets wherein people have revealed their first feeling after watching Tony Stark aka Iron Man in 2008. “It’s so crazy that it’s been 10 years since iron man came out. I remember being 8 and going opening weekend to the theatre down the street (which isn’t there anymore) like…wow,” one of them tweeted.

Read some of the reactions on the micro-blogging site here.

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