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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

iPhone survives crash despite falling from filmmaker’s hand during flight

The phone - an iPhone 6s - recorded the fall that lasted about 15 seconds as well as the moment of impact.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 19, 2020 1:08:25 pm
iphone falls off plane, iphone survives falling from plane, iphone survives crash falling out of plane, viral news, odd news, viral videos, indian expressStrong winds made the phone slip from the filmmaker's hand.

When his phone slipped out of his hand during a flight, filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto might have been justified in thinking it would have been destroyed. But in a video that has since been widely shared on social media, he not only found the phone but discovered it was in working condition.

Galiotto, a noted Brazilian environmentalist and filmmaker, was trying to capture visuals from the window of a small plane as they were flying over the coast of Rio de Janeiro. However, his mobile phone was blown out of his hand and fell nearly 2000 feet.

A camera inside the plane’s cabin recorded the moment the phone slipped out of the filmmaker’s hands.

However, a day later the filmmaker found the phone in working condition and the only damage it has sustained were a few scratches.

The phone – an iphone 6s – also recorded the fall that lasted about 15 seconds and the moment of impact.

Galiotto told G1 Globo he had been optimistic about finding his phone if it hadn’t fallen into water. However, he was worried that the falling device might have injured someone.

With the help of his friend Victor de Oliveira Tostes, Galiotto activated the cell phone’s GPS tracking system to find it, Correio Braziliense reported.

“Hey guys, whether you believe it or not, the cell phone that flew from my plane is here, in the middle of nature, in fact, we are the ones who help to defend nature and then nature protected! It’s here, kids!” Galiotto says in the video after retrieving the phone.

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