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#InYourOwnSkin: Clothing company’s campaign on skin ‘imperfections’ wins Twitterati’s hearts

In an urge to break the common misconceptions and stereotypes around skin imperfections, a UK based clothing company started a campaign featuring women with different types of skins, birthmarks, skin diseases and more.

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The campaign features six women — each with a different skin condition. (Source: Missguided/Twitter)

When it comes to stereotypes, the list is never-ending. With fixed notions based on gender, colour, race, colour and body type, there are many who define the term “beautiful” in a certain way. And if there is anything falls beyond that, it fails to make it to the category.

In an urge to break the fixed notion, UK based clothing company started with a campaign that features six women with different types of skin conditions such as birthmarks, skin diseases, scars and more. Their aim is to challenge the perception of beauty and also to inspire women to accept and love themselves.

The company posted a picture of the six women along with a caption using the hashtag #InYourOwnSkin, “Meet the 6 women on a mission to challenge the world’s perception of beauty and to inspire babes around the world to love themselves, for themselves. Discover the #inyourownskin campaign.”

The campaign has received positive reactions from people on social media with many appreciating the move and calling the company more inclusive. “So happy to finally see a model with psoriasis. Normalising a very common problem many of us suffer from is such a pleasure to see!!”and “I hope this campaign also helps further advancements in medicine that may someday improve the lives of many living with these conditions,” were some of the reactions that followed the tweet.

However, there were some who felt that the company should have added a bit more variation to the women that were featured.

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