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Owner shreds print of Banksy painting hoping to double its value, but it backfires

Despite issuing warnings by art experts, one owner of 'Girl with the red Balloon' painted by Banksy was destroyed by an owner.

The owner requested to double the price after the Banksy copy was destroyed with a knife.

A famous Banksy painting self-destructing at an auction left art lovers around the world stunned. And as speculation grew that the shredded painting might increase in value, the owner of a Banksy artwork tried replicating the audacious prank to increase its value, only to fail miserably.

An owner of a Banksy print, that is allegedly worth more than £40,000, shredded it in a bid to double its value. The owner of the print reportedly cut the painting with a knife, and then requested the print be listed for auction at a minimum price of £80,000, the Daily Mail UK said.

As the original incident involving the Banksy painting garnered attention worldwide, many experts and an auction agency warned owners not to try anything similar.

“We’ve had a number of #Banksy print owners contact us today asking if they shred their artwork will it be worth more. Please, Please DON’T. The events of the last 24hrs are a very unique piece of art history. #GirlWithBalloon” one of them tweeted.

However, one owner did not pay heed to the warnings and destroyed the print he owned. The item in question is one of 600 “unsigned” prints, and the owner requested that the agency list it for a minimum of £80,000. But they aren’t planning to.

Ian Syer, co-founder of the agency slammed the owner of the print, and explained that the self-destruction caused by the elusive artist can’t be compared with that caused by anyone else.

“We strongly recommend nobody else takes valuable art and tries to cash in on what history will judge a simply brilliant stunt. There are limited numbers of Girl With Balloon prints in the world, today, we lost one and it’s a crying shame,” a statement issued by the agency said.