India vs Pakistan reactions highlights: India win by 89 runs, and it’s raining memes online

India vs Pakistan reactions highlights: India win by 89 runs, and it’s raining memes online

As the biggest game of the Cricket World Cup 2019 begins, the hype surrounding the India-Pakistan match is only increasing. As one billion people are expected to watch the game, social media is flooded with reactions and memes.

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As India and Pakistan teams sweat it out on the field, fans of both the countries are engaged in a tussle online.

The heavy cloud over Manchester’s Old Trafford cricket stadium did not dampen the spirits of fans online, with #IndiaVsPakistan being one of the biggest trend ahead of Sunday’s World Cup clash. That energy remained the same after the match began.

Though the buildup to the game was marred by cringe-worthy, jingoistic ads from both sides of the border — fans seem to have been united in praying for a dry spell.

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The ICC World Cup 2019 has already seen a series of washouts owing to heavy rainfall in the United Kingdom. India’s previous fixture against New Zealand on Thursday was also abandoned and the teams shared points.

As the threat of rain continues to dominate conversations both online and offline, social media is  buzzing with jokes, memes and predictions on who will win the match.  We will be tracking most of them to bring you the lighter side of age-old rivalry.

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ICC World Cup 2019, India vs Pakistan social media LIVE Updates:

7-0! India beat Pakistan by 89 runs

It was a convincing victory for India as they win their third match of Cricket World Cup 2019. It was for the seventh victory for the Men in Blue at the world cup, fans are all saying, it's "7-0" win for us!

Rain halts the game and fans are irked!

As the rain comes down in Manchester as India was on its way to secure an easy win after dismissing five Pakistani batsmen in a quickfire, fans were felt fuming online. Even though with DLS, India might end with a comfortable win, desi fans want to enjoy the game to the fullest. 

With hilarious memes and jokes, most eager cricket fans are asking the rain to go away, while others are poking fun at Pakistan. 

Indian fans finally relax as Pak lose four wickets in no time

As Men in Blue struggled to take wickets, Indian fans grew anxious online. Finally, Kuldeep Yadav dismisses Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman breaking the over hundred runs partnership, creating the crack much needed by the Indian side. As both the batsmen walked back to the pavilion, Pakistan failed to gain much ground as it lost two more wickets, back-to-back. 

Next, it was Hardik Pandya's time to shine as he took Hafeez's wicket, sending the batsman back to the pavilion. Shoaib Malik too was bowled out in the first ball and Hardik Pandya is on a hat-trick! However, captain Sarfaraz Ahmed confidently blocked the hat-trick ball, Indian fans at the stands and online can't keep calm. 

Now, with memes, Indian fans are trolling Pakistan celebrating their fall of wickets.

This India-Pakistan couple is winning hearts online

Remember the couple that went viral during India vs Pakistan match in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 supporting both nations? While the first couple left everyone in splits owing to the apparent dismayed expression of the woman, this time the couple's camaraderie is winning hearts online.

As Pakistan loses their first wicket, fans can't stop lauding Vijay Shankar

Pakistani opener Imam ul-Haq was dismissed by Vijay Shankar for just seven runs and Indian fans couldn't contain their happiness online. In a brilliant delivery, Shankar took the wicket giving an early shock to the Pakistani side making the score 13/1. Impressed by his LBW, Indian fans are now praising the player mostly referring to Rayadu's 3D glass remark. As Vijay Shankar is winning hearts online, with filmy and funny memes fans are celebrating his wicket online. Sample these:

Virat Kohli walks out leaving Indian fans disappointed online

As Virat Kohli's name dominated social media trends for scoring a half-century and reaching a milestone of 11,000 runs, fans couldn't have been happier. However, the Indian skipper suddenly decided to walk away from the crease without an appeal and now desi fans are really upset. 

Bowled by Mohammad Amir to Indian Captain Virat Kohli, he tried to swivel and pull it to fine leg, however, was caught by Sarfaraz Ahmed. Gets the faintest of edges, and a prolonged appeal moves the umpire's finger. However, seeing all the buzz, the skipper decided to walk away without any appeal and that left Indian supporters angry online. 

While some argued should he be given out just because he walked away, others started debating why he was given out. Memes too followed after Kohli walked out.

Many asked why did Virat Kohli walk away when replay showed that he had not nicked the ball?

The yawn

Pakistan captain Safaraz Ahmad is being trolled after being caught on camera yawning in between a couple of deliveries. Did he take a short snooze during the break? Is it a verdict on the game? Was it a political statement? Difficult to tell. But people are having fun with it on social media: 

And as rain disrupts play...

We're back to rain memes. Indian fans believe Pakistan fans will be celebrating given it comes at a crucial time.

India were looking to accelerate with a score like 350 looking imminent and the weather has put the brakes on it:

Kohli's 50 sparks more celebrations

The Indian captain got to his half-century and it was more reason for Indian fans to cheer. He also crossed the 11,000 run mark in ODIs. Hardik Pandya and MS Dhoni departed soon after but the Indian captain continued to look strong: 

How much do Indians love cricket? A lot. A correspondent tweeted this video of a wedding in Srinagar that has a screen so that guests don't miss the match. Maybe they should have picked another day for the wedding? 

Check out R Ashwin's commentary

Ashwin is a World Cup winner and knows what it takes to win one. He's watching the match and is pretty fun to track as the match goes on: 

And now everyone's celebrating Rohit Sharma's century

There were celebrations when he got a half-century and now there are celebrations after he's got his century. Rohit Sharma has provided India with the best start possible. 

Sanjay Manjrekar draws flak online for his remarks 'insulting' Pakistan

Former Indian cricketer and cricket commentator Sanjay Manjrekar left many disappointed online after he took a jibe at Pakistan during the high-tension match. As the green brigade missed out a great chance of run-out, Manjrekar remarked, "This is Pakistan for you". The former player drew flak online after what many dubbed "hate and bigoted commentary".

Many slammed him for his obnoxious and insulting remarks online and said commentators should make the match only excited and shouldn't be biased. "Comparing few Pakistanis in green with the security staff of the ground was shameful," wrote one angry fan online, while other urged Star Sports to remove him from the box.

Rohit Sharma's Fifty earns praise online

Indian opener and Vice-Captain Rohit Sharma ensured India had a steady start. Scoring half-century off just 34 deliveries, Sharma got desi fans excited online and soon many lauded him for his brilliant performance.

As he scored his third 50 in the tournament, it's raining memes online.

Amid all the cricket buzz, Ranveer Singh's name trends online

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh surprised Indian fans by arriving in Manchester to support the Men in Blue. The Bajirao Mastani star quickly took social media by storm as BCCI shared photos of the actor from the Old Trafford cricket stadium. 

While BCCI shared the first picture of the actor known for his eccentric style with veteran Indian batsman Virender Sehwag, another photo of the star with Pakistani host Zainab Abbas too garnered a lot of attention online. The fact that the second selfie was photobombed by veteran Pakistani cricketer and captain Wasim Akram, fans got excited online. 

The actor also clicked photos with other players and commentators on the sidelines and his images have now created a buzz online. With some saying, "he is India's secret warrior!" While others couldn't stop commenting about his fashion choices.

That run out...

After Pakistan managed to bungle up the run out there are plenty of Indians getting a laugh out of it. With Rohit Sharma halfway down the pitch all the fielder had to do was throw to the wicket-keeper's end. Instead what the cricketing world got was a hilarious moment:

As Pakistan wins the toss, memes flood online

On the big day, Pakistan won the toss at Manchester and skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed decided to bowl first. Ahmed referred to the overhead conditions as the main reason for his decision. Indian skipper Virat Kohli too wanted to bowl first but wasn’t too disappointed to bat first.

As previously, toss has always favoured India, fans were left little disappointed. In all the six games India beat Pakistan, it won the toss in five of them.

Pakistan fans, on the other hand, were upset that their captain opted to field first, mostly remembering 1992 game, when the then captain Imran Khan chose to bat first. 

As the game started, a lot of memes surrounding the toss in doing rounds on Twitter. Sample these:

Pakistani fan's GOT-inspired entry on a horse wins the Internet

Talk about making a grand entrance to steal the show, it clearly was a Pakistani fan who arrived on a horse at the stadium. Yes, spectators outside the Old Trafford cricket stadium were all taken by surprise when an ardent Pakistani fan came on a white horse.

With the country's flag in hand, he garnered all the attention not just on the streets of Manchester but also online. Soon, videos and photos of the man donning a special tee with PCB's logo alongside the bus of the team went viral online.

Many remarked nothing can beat this grand entrance and dubbed it as one of the highlights of today's match. 

Mumbai Police's punny tweet on India vs Pakistan match leaves people in splits!

Mumbai Police's Twitter team is no stranger to sharing witty tweets and memes on contemporary situations. Ahead of the high-tension game between India and Pakistan, the social media team of the cops shared a punny tweet winning hearts online. 

In a special message for the Men in Blue, the Twitter team of Mumbai cops wrote, "India, see green? Accelerate. Like you always do."

With a great pun and a photo of the traffic signal showing green light, no one missed the indirect jibe at the opponent team and users on the micro-blogging site couldn't stop lauging out loud. 

While some said, "Sarcasm at its best", others quipped, "Epic trolling." The tweet garnered a lot of reactions online, with fans giving the cops a hearty thumbs up for the tweet mostly saying, "Bahut Hard".

Keeping aside differences, rain and cricket united all!

Both India and Pakistan may have a lot of difference and the relationship has gone sour between the two neighbours in the recent past. Fans of both teams may be using taking a jibe at one another online, they have all become united in slamming ICC for the washouts. 

Now, supporters of both the teams are busy praying the weather does not lead to any delay or cancellation of the game. And it's not just the two countries. It seems all the difference in opinions and political inclination have been blurred and cricket has united everyone. 

Memes and tweets about unity during the #IndiaVsPakistan match are trending online.

Is Chris Gayle the ultimate fan of the match?

The frenzy surrounding the India vs Pakistan match has gripped all. And it seems West Indies player Chris Gayle too can't keep calm. Ahead of the match, the star player donned a special blazer setting the mode for the thrilling duel.

The white jacket adorned with flag colours of both nations caught the eyes of fans and they couldn't be happier.

"Yup! I’m rocking my India 🇮🇳 Pakistan 🇵🇰 Suit, all love and respect!😉 ✌🏿... I really love it and this will be one of my outfit at my birthday party September 20th 😁...its lit 🔥 👌🏿🕺🏾" the Carribean star wrote online flaunting his custom-made jacket.

Of course, fans interpreted it in their own way. Nonetheless, his 'India-Pakistan jacket' is going viral. Some turned it into a meme as well.

Ahead of India vs Pakistan at World Cup, fans of both nations upset by jingoistic ads

The India vs Pakistan match at the World Cup 2019 on June 16 is one of the biggest games of the year, and one of the most anticipated given the two teams don’t play each other outside of ICC tournaments any more. But ahead of the clash fans from both nations seem to be at loggerhead over controversial ads produced in India and Pakistan to promote the match.

Indians on social media were irked after a Pakistani channel came up with an advertisement that spoofed the interrogation of Indian Air force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

On the other hand, Star Sports India’s ad for the match is an extension to their erstwhile Mauka Mauka franchise and it has also riled many people online. As the match coincided with Father’s Day this year, the ad referred to Pakistan and Bangladesh as India’s children with a tagline, “Baap, Baap Hota Hai”.

People on both sides slammed the insensitive ads and urged the match should be treated just like a match and not war. Read more here

Cloud over India vs Pakistan tie, it is raining memes online

India’s match against Pakistan is one of the most awaited fixture in the ICC World Cup 2019. However, the weather in Manchester, the venue for the clash, is a cause of worry for fans on both sides of the border. The latest weather forecast has warned there might be a significant amount of rain before the toss.  With the looming threat of another washout, eager fans are praying it doesn’t rain in Manchester for the big game.


From underwater cricket to Priyanka Chopra iconic trench coat, people have come up with quirky solutions so that the match is not abandoned. Read more here

Dhoop! Never have fans prayed for sun more during summer

Remember Hrithik Roshan's hit film Koi Mil Gaya? Well, it seems every Indian and Pakistani fan is now channelising Jadoo and urging for some sunshine. While most in the subcontinent are reeling under the rising temperature and scorching heat, yet, people from both nations have joined their forces praying to the Sun God to shine some light in Manchester.

Never before as the people prayed so hard for the Sun in the summer!

And it's not just silent prayers to the almighty. Priests in various parts organised hawan and aarti for a good game, not hindered by the weather.

All eyes on this one!

As the stage is all set for the biggest match in the ICC World Cup 2019, ICC released another painting, this time featuring not just Virat Kohli but also Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed. Wishing both the captains all the best ahead of the high-tension match, the cricket governing body said, "All eyes on this one."

But as rains have been a spoilsport during the mega sporting events, fans didn't quite agree and used this opportunity to troll the ICC again for selecting the venues without taking weather into account. Fans begged to differ about the attention and said, all eyes are not on the squad and captains but on the sky, watching to see if it will rain.

In India vs Pakistan World Cup matches, toss has always favoured India. In all the six games India beat Pakistan, it won the toss in five of them. It was only in Centurion (2003) that India was made to chase after losing the toss. In all previous occasions, India elected to bat first.

In the last six World Cup matches between the two teams, Pakistan has lost them the time. As Men in Blue hopes to continue their winning streak, the green brigade hopes to break the jinx.