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Friday, August 19, 2022

Hundreds of birds fall to death in Northern Mexico

Locals reported several yellow-headed blackbirds lying dead across some areas of Cuauhtémoc city in Mexico.

Birds in Mexico fall from the sky, Birds dropping dead in Mexico, birds fall from the sky in Mexico, Indian ExpressThe yellow-headed blackbirds are migratory birds that travel to Mexico around this time of year from Canada.

Hundreds of migratory birds were caught falling to the ground on a security camera in Mexico’s Cuauhtémoc city. In the now-viral video, a large flock of yellow-headed blackbirds can be plummeting from the sky as some of them fly upwards after descending low with many falling dead.

Mexican newspaper El Heraldo de Chihuahua reported that many locals spotted several yellow-headed blackbirds lying dead on roads and sidewalks of Cuauhtémoc on February 7, 2022.

The unusual death of the migratory birds that travel to Mexico around this time of the year from Canada has caused much speculation. The El Heraldo de Chihuahua reported citing a veterinarian the deaths could have been caused by sudden electrocution or high levels of pollution in the city.

On social media, many people are blaming 5G technology—a theory not supported by evidence. According to the Guardian, the cause can be an attack by a predatory bird that led the whole flock to crash to the ground.

Dr Richard Broughton, an ecologist with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, told the Guardian, “This looks like a raptor-like a peregrine or hawk has been chasing a flock as they do with murmurating starlings, and they have crashed as the flock was forced low. You can see that they act as a wave at the beginning as if they are being flushed from above.”

First published on: 15-02-2022 at 12:13:12 pm
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