Homeless man in Silicon Valley hands out resumes at traffic signal; viral post gets him 200 job offers!

The man identified as David Casarez, a web developer by profession said that he had been working in Austin before moving to California to lookout for a better job opportunity. Once freelance work took a dip he couldn't afford home rent so started living by his car and handing out resumes at traffic signals.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 30, 2018 4:11:56 pm
homeless guy resume traffic signal, man silicon valley hands out, jobless man cv on road, viral news, trending news, resumegood effect of twitter, good news, indian express Many shared his CV and approached him with job offer after the tweet went viral. (Source: @jaysc0/ Twitter)

A homeless man in Silicon Valley found a unique way to hunt for a job. He handed out resumes at a traffic signal instead of begging money in the Bay Area. He has now been flooded with job offers, thanks to a Twitter user who posted his picture on the micro-blogging site.

Twenty-six-year-old David Casarez, who is a Texas A&M University graduate and a web developer, was spotted by Jasmine Scofield (@jaysc0) carrying a placard, “Homeless, hungry 4 success, take a resume.” Scofield posted his photo online asking Twitterati to help out. “If anyone in the Silicon Valley could help him out, that would be amazing. Please RT so we can help David out!” she wrote.

The grit and humility of the young man were appreciated by many. While many discussed how Silicon Valley is a double-edged sword.

As tweets spread around even big corporates like Google, Netflix approached him! “He’d been flooded with more than 200 job offers,” after the tweet went viral, he told New York Post. Many even praised the woman for helping him out.

Casarez told NBC Bay Area that he had been working in Austin before moving to California to lookout for a better job opportunity. “I’m not trying to take any money, I really do just want a job opportunity. That’s all I’m asking,” he said. But after the freelance market pummeled and owing to the rise in the cost of living and looking out for a new job, he couldn’t afford home rent and was just living out of his car.

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