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Hat-trick! This woman won the LOTTERY 3 times with CASH prize worth Rs 32.6 crore

Brenda Gentry, who resides in Virginia, just stumped Netizens with her hat-trick in lottery prize. Reportedly, she won three lotteries worth $5000, $500 and $5 million.

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Don’t you wish you could make a hat-trick in lottery cash prize too? (Source: valottery.com)

Most of us have dreamt of winning a lottery, viewing it as a means of ending all our problems. However, only a few actually get to live that dream. For Brenda Gentry, resident of Virginia, US, though, this dream was realised not once, not twice, but three times over as she stumped Netizens with her hat-trick in lottery prize.

Buzz is that the woman won three lotteries worth $5000, $500 and $5 million. What an amazing jackpot, isn’t it? According to Virginia Lottery’s official website, she purchased a ’50X the Money’ ticket in Charlottesville. Unaware of the fact that was going to be the lucky winner, she casually scratched it and realised she had won the top prize!

With such a huge amount at hand, she was given two choices — either to receive yearly installments of the full cash prize money over 30 years or take it as a one-time option. The woman chose the latter. Delighted and anxious all at the same time, she said, “This has been a little nerve-wracking because I don’t want it to change my life,” she said, according to the official site.

The total cash prize was $5,005,500 – which amounts up to Rs 32.6 crore. Sadly, the one-time cash option meant a total of $2,808,989 before taxes – which amounts to almost Rs 18 crore. Since, she chose the cash option, she lost a major amount of her winning prize to taxes. The store also received a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

However, this is not the first time such an incident has surfaced online. Remember the 19-year-old teenager who won two lottery prizes and went to claim her prizes totalling $655,555? She bought five scratch-off tickets at a gas station worth $5 each — while driving from Arizona to Paso Robles in California. Little did Rosa Dominiguez know that those tickets would change her life.