Cinderella story or creep alert? Guy emails every ‘Claudia’ after accidentally swiping ‘left’ on the ‘right’ one

Cinderella story or creep alert? Guy emails every ‘Claudia’ after accidentally swiping ‘left’ on the ‘right’ one

Dating apps are all about swiping 'left' or 'right'. But, have you wondered what would happen if you accidentally swiped left on a profile that was totally 'right' for you? A guy ended up emailing all the girls named Claudia after accidentally swiping left.

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Ever accidentally swiped left? (Source: Thinkstock Images, ClaudiaaIIey/Twitter)

Ever swiped left someone who you felt was absolutely “right” for you? For those who are not familiar with dating apps like Tinder, a left indicates rejection and a right obviously means you’re interested. While most individuals – after swiping left in a hurry – consider it a silly mistake and forget about it, one guy crossed all limits to fix his error. After swiping “left” on a profile he was interested in, a man named Hayden ended up mailing all the girls named ‘Claudia’. Sounds creepy? Well, that’s not the end. Surprisingly, the “right” one even tweeted out his mails.

According to her dating profile, she was 18 and studied at the Missouri State University. Eager to find her and correct his mistake, he sent out an email to all the girls with their first name Claudia at Missouri State University to match with the perfect one. In his mail, he explained how the “left” swipe was a mistake and he actually wanted to swipe “right”. However, things turned out to be more interesting when the accidentally rejected Claudia came up and tweeted out his e-mails and wrote, “This guy literally emailed every Claudia at Missouri State to find me on Tinder.”

It isn’t clear whether Claudia and Hayden got together or not, but people on social media sure had a lot to say about the bizarre connection. While some called it “the modern day Cinderella story”, others suggested it could be turned into a “Disney movie” (really?). Here are some of the hilarious reactions that followed on Twitter.

However, others felt that doing something like that was a tad bit extreme and the guy could come across as a “stalker”.

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