Guess Uber’s self-driving truck’s first delivery? (Hint: It involves 50,000 cans!)

Guess Uber’s self-driving truck’s first delivery? (Hint: It involves 50,000 cans!)

It was truly an Oktoberfest as the 53ft vehicle self-drove itself - covering nearly 200km - to its destination.

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Do you want your beer delivered by an absolutely cool truck drive by no one? (Source: Otto/YouTube)

Colorado Springs in Denver is now the land of overflowing beer, all thanks to a truck. Though there are probably numerous such deliveries made almost every day, what makes this one stand out is that there was no one driving it! The self-driving Volvo reportedly crossed nearly 200km in the US to make a delivery of 50,000 cans of Budweiser. This also happens to be the first-ever delivery by the 18-wheeler truck that’s auto-driven.

According to USA Today, while the truck had a driver, majority of the journey was covered by the truck on its own, with the driver only observing the road from his sleeper berth. The 53ft vehicle contained 2,000 cases of beer as it covered just over 193km.

The technology of the vehicle doesn’t allow it to drive in city traffic, which is when ‘the humans’ take over. Currently, the trucks can only drive by themselves on highways.

The delivery was in association with brewing company AB InBev and each of the cans read, “First delivery by self-driving truck”. The truck was supplied by Otto, a self-driving vehicle group acquired by Uber in August.


The truck is probably one of the latest to join a bandwagon of similar vehicles, running without the assistance of humans. Earlier this year, Singapore had the world’s first self-driving taxi gladly picking up its passengers and dropping them off.

While a self-driving vehicle is an amazing peek into the future in itself, that in this case, happened to deliver cans and cans of beer (happiness, for some) as its first delivery is the coolest thing ever! What’s more, you can actually sit back and relax while your car or truck does the rest.

If you are still wondering how did the truck manage to get the beer flowing, there’s a video too!

Watch the video here.

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