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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Girl makes PowerPoint presentation to get cat, netizens ask parents to give in

Toronto resident Christopher Doyle tweeted a presentation that his daughter had created to argue why she deserves to get a cat.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 29, 2020 1:34:46 pm
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A Canadian girl’s presentation on why she should get a cat is being widely shared on social media and netizens are convinced her parents should get her one.

Toronto resident Christopher Doyle, @chrisdoyle on Twitter,  tweeted a presentation that his daughter had created to argue why she deserves to get a cat.

Among her arguments included that “having pets can lower stress level and make your happier”. In a slide titled “Pros of getting a Cat”, the girl argued that “since it’s a cat, you don’t have to take it outside everyday for walks”. She also promised to clean the “litter box” and be responsible for the care of the pet.

The girl said she has researched about getting a cat for the past five years and vowed to never “slack off” on her duties.

In the presentation, the girl argued that her father had promised her a hamster five years ago, but failed to keep his word. Doyle admitted he assumed she had forgotten about it.

Despite the strong arguments by his daughter, Doyle said he is hesitant about adopting a cat since his wife is allergic to them. He also said that his daughter wanted to adopt a black cat since they are often the most neglected due to the superstitions regarding them.

People on social media were very impressed by the girl’s presentation and some even suggested breeds the man could adopt so that his wife wouldn’t be affected. Even the official handle of the Microsoft store weighed in to say they were “convinced” by the girl’s presentation. Here are some of the reactions:

The father later posted that his daughter was enjoying the support she was getting on Twitter. He even updated his Twitter bio to say: “Looking for a cat for my daughter…”

Many have tweeted to Doyle to get her a cat and share pictures of the “new family member soon”.

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