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‘Need to break gender stereotypes’: Gal Gadot and others love little boy who wore Wonder Woman crown

Gal Gadot was impressed by a mom's piece and shared the photo of a little boy, Issac, donning the Wonder Woman crown along with the bag on his back. She talked about how important it is to break gender stereotypes and others couldn't agree more.

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The little boy picked out a Wonder Woman backpack for his new school.

Blockbuster film Wonder Woman not only shattered many records at the box-office but set a trend for a woman-centric film in Hollywood’s superhero club. The film impressed millions of people irrespective of gender. So, naturally, when a 5-year-old boy was asked to choose a backpack of his choice for his new school, his eyes locked on the red one from the Wonder Woman sign. However, his mother was anxious that it might make the little boy a subject of mockery. But guess, who stepped in rooting for the boy? Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot!

Gadot came across an article online written by the woman, Katie Alicea, based in Florida, where she discussed gender stereotypes. Gadot was impressed by Alicea’s article and shared the photo of little Issac donning the Wonder Woman crown along with the bag on his back. Sharing the photo online, the actor wrote, “Just read this article about breaking gender stereotypes by Katie Alicea. Such an important topic and something I believe in so strongly. I hope Issac wore the crown and his WW backpack proudly to school. #WonderBoy”

“I looked at all of them and I love superheroes the MOST and this Wonder Woman backpack is my favourite! It has a CROWN, Mom! IT’S PERFECT!,” the little one explained for his mother why he chose the bag.

Alicea explained in her article written for parenting site Romper as to why she had apprehensions about her son chosing the Wonder Woman bag. “After he chose the Wonder Woman backpack, I asked if he was sure, not because the backpack bothered me, but because I imagined Isaac being made fun of at a new school when he has been so desperate to make new friends,” the article read.

“I admittedly have some fear for my sweet Isaac. For how the world can treat someone who doesn’t easily fit into stereotypes or who blazes their own path instead of following everyone else,” she added saying, Issac often likes to dress up like princesses and not do things that boys are usually expected to do.

Raising an important question by gender stereotyping, Alicea asked, “Why are we trying to get our boys to live in a muted world of blues, browns, and greens, where it’s fine if they play with guns and trucks, but not with Barbies?”

Her moving piece not only got Gadot’s love but now has started a conversation online, where many other men showed their love to wonder woman!

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