Donald Trump’s favourite news channel Fox News gets his name wrong

Donald Trump’s favourite news channel Fox News gets his name wrong

Many claimed that the error was a sign that the channel was trying to distance itself from its most famour viewer.

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Along with POTUS’ photo instead of Donald Trump they wrote David. (Designed by Rajan Sharma/ Indian Express)

Bloopers on live news are common, but this one by Fox News sparked the same joke by multiple people. In a recent segment the channel got US President Donald Trump’s name wrong, and it sparked jokes about how even Trump’s favourite channel has distanced itself from him.

On Tuesday night, when the channel listed those who didn’t get picked as Time Magazine’s 2018 Person of the Year, they listed the US President’s picture with a caption that said ‘David Trump’.

News anchor Laura Ingraham, who was presenting the segment noted the error and said on-air, “It says David Trump on my sheet, but I assume they mean Donald Trump.”

Watch the video here:

Many spotted the error and had a field day, coming up with jokes about it. Many couldn’t believe that it was Fox News that made the mistake, given it’s the channel the president talks about the most in his tweets: