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‘Fox in the house’: Family in UK shocked by unexpected visitor. Watch what happens next

A fox sneaked into a house in the United Kingdom when a family accidentally left their door open.

A video of the incident was shared on the Instagram page nowthisnews on Sunday.

In a scene reminiscent of a childhood tale, a family was shocked to discover a fox had sneaked into their home when they were away. They had accidentally left their door open to walk their dog. When they returned, they saw that the fox had not only trashed the house but was sitting comfortably on the kitchen countertop.

A video of the incident was shared on the Instagram page nowthisnews on Sunday. What makes the clip unbelievable is that the fox seems unperturbed and doesn’t even flinch on seeing the humans.

“Does anyone know what one is supposed to do with a fox just sitting in my kitchen,” a woman is heard saying in the video. Then a man is seen patting the head of the fox who doesn’t even move. Incredibly, he then picks up the fox and carries it out of the house. The family’s dog named Bear is also seen in the clip.

“Tired: Fox in the henhouse. Wired: Fox in YOUR house. That’s what happened to a family in the UK when they accidentally left their door open to walk their dog on the morning of Nov 18. They came home to find the mess you see in the video — and one very large fox just chillin’ on their countertop. ‘I was quite scared at first, but it didn’t even flinch or want to move at all,’ said Emma Slade, 39, via SWNS. ‘I’ve kept my backdoor shut since!’” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

Since being posted, the clip has received more than 4.28 lakh views. Many netizens also doubted the claims that the fox was responsible for trashing the house.

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“Oh so the fox trashed the house?! Oh. Okay,” commented a user. “Why do i feel like it wasn’t the fox who trashed the house,” another shared. A third said, “there is sooo much goin on in that house the poor fox probably thinks it’s still outside..if they dont clean up the house!”

First published on: 28-11-2022 at 13:57 IST
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