Mastering this four-finger trick has become the latest Twitter obsession!

Mastering this four-finger trick has become the latest Twitter obsession!

Have you nailed this already?

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Since November 1, Twitterati have been obsessed with this picture. (Source: @Larose419/ Twitter)

It is hard to predict what will get people hooked on the Internet. But once they do take a fancy to something, there is no stopping the tweets and retweets and shares and reshares that follow. Be it the blue and white dress that took the World Wide Web by storm or the Photoshop battle of Obama and Putin’s ‘death stare’, there were also those countless spot the cat, bear and whatnot.

The latest obsession started quite harmlessly – much like they all do – when a Twitter user, @Larose419, posted a picture of her nails that she had just got done. It all sounds quite normal, except that there was something unusual about the photo. Only four of the five beautifully manicured fingers were visible, so where did the fifth one go? While many were amused at the trick, others mastered it and started posting them on her wall.

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The picture particular got great attention from France and soon she was bombarded with French messages, asking what the mystery behind just four fingers was! Many users also got confused while others started decoding it. However, this was NOT funny to her! She failed to understand the French posts and could not understand the jokes made at her expense.


Countless four-finger posts flooded Twitter and her original picture went viral. Thousands of users since then have been posting their own version.

As the mind-blogging picture went viral, people wanted to know how she achieved it. When contacted by Buzzfeed, she revealed her secret and showed how it is done. The user added that she was double-jointed (having unusually flexible joints) and the picture was meant for friends who already knew that. However, her harmless joke got the Netizens around the world way too excited and she became a meme!

And it triggered many a brain-storming session

The French attraction!

“Why does she only have four fingers?”


At first she did not quite enjoy the fact that her picture went viral

And a Twitter war on who’s is better!

Yes, the emoji was finally appropriate!

And the mystery unfolded

Once the language barrier was crossed, the user who identified herself as Vicky started enjoying herself. How doesn’t like being famous. She now has been retweeting several pictures and commenting about nail colours and manicures.