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Monday, January 18, 2021

Florida mom left fuming as daycare writes on toddler’s belly to remind her about diapers

As the mother's post went viral, the daycare centre drew flak online and many asked her to report it with the police and the authorities. The centre, however, said they regret the incident and has fired the person responsible for the incident.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 31, 2020 1:10:45 pm
Daycare centre write note on baby skin, Creche write message on baby body, Daycare center ill treatment, Viral news, Indian Express The mother said despite rubbing it off several times using many baby wipes and soap the mark did not go. (Source: Heather Chisum/ Facebook)

A mother of two in the United States was left shocked and fuming when she saw a message written on her toddler son’s body in bold black marker.

Heather Chisum from Florida read the message—’Mom, I’m out of diapers. Pls read my reports’— written on her younger son Milo’s belly after she brought her sons back from a daycare centre.

Sharing the photos of the incident on Facebook, the furious mother asked others for “opinion” as to what she should do. “I’m a single mom with a full time job and two very young children. SUE ME FOR NOT READING THE REPORT EVERY SINGLE DAY,” she wrote explaining that she missed reading the note.

The mom further said she meets the teachers everyday while dropping them off and picking them up and that a simple heads up would have been fine. “But instead, I change his diaper this afternoon AND SEE THIS WRITTEN ON MY SON WITH MARKER,” the dismayed mother wrote.

Read the post:

The mom added that everyday they put a “daily report paper” in the kid’s lunch box. “It says what mood he was in for the day, what times they changed his diapers, and if he needs diapers or wipes.” However, this time the unnamed daycare centre thought this was the way to get the attention of the parent.

The young mother said she tried to scrub off the marker’s ink several times but the marks did not rub off easily. “I’ve scrubbed it with several baby wipes and it’s not coming off. I had plans to take them to the beach to play, and now I can’t because my son has writing all over him,” she added.

Failing to understand why the message had to be written on his stomach, the mom wrote, “OR WRITE IT ON HIS DIAPER OR YA KNOW, JUST TELL ME?!?”

Many parents said it is completely unacceptable and the baby could have been harmed if he had an allergic reaction to the ink. Many urged her to report the incident with the Department of Children and Families.

Here’s what other parents had to say:

Chisum said this was not the first time it has happened since enrolling her son Milo into the daycare — it also happened back in November.

“I thought it was an isolated incident, and I could be quiet and nothing would happen again, but it happened again,” Chisum told Fox News. Chisum told the local news outlet that she did take her concerns to the daycare, who later terminated the teacher involved in the incident and are reviewing protocols.

“We are aware of the incident at the school, and we are terribly sorry for the distress it has caused the family involved as well as all of our families. It was a breach of our professional ethics on the part of the teacher. The school has taken immediate action to remove the teacher from the school,” the daycare in a statement said.

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