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Drunk man luckily escapes death after jumping into a pool full of CROCODILES!

Crocodiles feasted on a 21-year-old man when he jumped into a pool of a resort that was full of dangerous aquatic reptiles. Reportedly, the man luckily escaped our from the pool but got his arms ripped.

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A drunk man jumped into a pool full of crocodiles. (Source: Representatiional Image/ Express photo)

We are often quite excited about our friend’s wedding and the endless fun that comes with it. Collin Miller must have also expected the same but all he might remember now is how he got his arm ripped by a bunch of crocodiles in the resort’s pool. Deadly, isn’t it? Who would expect such a thing after partying at a friend’s wedding? Sadly, for this 21-year-old man it became a harsh reality. According to The Zimbabwe Chronicle, Miller allegedly “bulldozed” through a restricted area under the influence of alcohol, climbed over a protective fence and jumped into a pool filled with three domesticated crocodiles.

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It was reported that two brave locals jumped into the enclosed area and saved Miller. Despite sustaining several fractures, the man is now reported to be stable, out of danger but sadly lost his arm. “We were shocked when he just stormed into the kitchen despite a sign prohibiting members of the public and exited the window. He jumped into the pool and the crocodiles immediately pounced on him. He is lucky because alert guests quickly followed and rescued him but one of the crocodiles had already cut off his arm” an eyewitness told the media organisation.

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Soon, this incident that occurred at the Victorian Falls River Brewing Company became viral in the resort town. They even issued a statement showing their grief for their guest. “The River Brewing Company wishes him a speedy recovery and we are grateful for the quick thinking and bravery of his rescuers”, they said.