When Donald Trump’s ‘terrifying’ signature got Twitterati LOL-ing

A "richter scale reading" or a "lie-detector test", what does Donald Trump's signature remind you of?

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 23, 2017 3:12:33 pm
donald-trump-signature1_twitter_759 Signature analysts called him “hungry for power, wildly ambitious, dynamic, determined, stubborn and fearless”. (Source: Donald Trump/Twitter)

Sealing the first set of official documents with his signature as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, soon after being inaugurated, an image of Donald Trump’s signature has become a source of a lot of amusement on social media. Apart from the usual fuss and furore around his inauguration ceremony, what turned heads was the 70-year-old’s very erratic signature. Reading between the lines, many interpreted his absurd signature in peculiar ways. A “richter scale reading” or a “lie-detector test”, the analysis turned into a laughing matter and became a hot topic on Internet.

A few reports claimed that Trump took a long time to scribble down his official signature — about 7 seconds with almost 30 strokes. Others drew out comparisons between his signature and the logo of the American luxury department store Neiman Marcus.

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However, the most interesting fallout was when handwriting analysts were called to examine his signature. Calling him “hungry for power, wildly ambitious, dynamic, determined, stubborn and fearless”, the analysts laid out points for Trump’s personality. The tall letters indicated that he is somewhat flexible. Another intriguing analysis said that he is not much of a listener, but a good negotiator. The last letter – which moves towards the left side instead of right – proves that he is at odds with conventional ways, one analyst opined. The angles in his sign indicates his aggression and hinted to the absence of any room for compromise. No less than a nightmare, Trump’s signature flaunted spikes all over it with no place for curves or round formations.

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Unless you observe closely, you won’t find any familiar letters, there are just careless lines racing up and down. Grabbing more attention than the law policies, his signature became a trending topic and Twitter was full of hilarious opinions on what Trump’s signature resembles.

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