Donald Trump’s 21-word tweet against Hillary Clinton is full of mistakes, and Twitterati couldn’t help but point them out

Donald Trump’s 21-word tweet against Hillary Clinton is full of mistakes, and Twitterati couldn’t help but point them out

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump says make America great again; Twitterati say - make America spell again!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S., July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gets trolled yet again. And this time, he needed a spell-check! (Source: Reuters; Twitter)

There is very little in the space of outrageous claims and bombastic comments that you would not expect from the Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Over the past couple of months – all through Trump’s campaigning – the businessman has given people enough reason to raise eyebrows, be amused and even go outright and laugh.

The latest in his rather long list of faux-pas is a 21-word tweet on his opponent, the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In the tweet, Trump criticises Clinton, saying: “Hillary Clinton should not be given national security briefings in that she is a lose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts.”

trump tweet mistake

This would have otherwise been written off as one of the many comments Trump’s made against Clinton, were it not for the fact that it was ridden with mistakes – and the ever-observant Twitterati were quick to point them out. For one, he spelled ‘loose’ as ‘lose’,  ‘instincts’ as ‘insticts’ and he also didn’t use the US spelling of ‘judgement’ that’s without the ‘e’, that is, ‘judgment’. This aside, there were also a couple of grammatical edits that were suggested on the tweet.

But then, this is not the first time Trump has faced criticism for what he’s said or tweeted. Since the beginning of his campaign, he has been the subject of much ridicule and mockery. Be it the media, countless TV shows, stand-up comedians, actors, politicians and let’s not forget the ever-opinionated Twitterati – there have been none who wasted an opportunity to troll Trump, and with good reason.


In spite of scathing criticism from all around for his comments, Trump has been unstoppable and nearly impervious to his trolls and critics. Particularly on Twitter where he has made numerous comments about “Crooked Hillary Clinton”, his contender in the run for President.

Many have asked him to stop tweeting, including Senator Bernie Sanders.

But let’s not take such extreme measures. Instead, here are some samples of what Tweeple had to say about Trump’s spelling mistakes.


Some suggested minor changes.

Some were just angry.

If you are wondering, this was not the first time Donald Trump tweeted with spelling issues.

Trump however, shows no signs of stopping, giving rise to innovative trolls on social media every day.

For instance, Trumpbrige:

Or the time Trump gave a speech on the Florida shooting, he said, “Ask yourself, who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community. Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words?”

Two days later in another speech, “Ask the gays,” Trump said. “Who’s your friend?” he asked. The question was answered by thousands on Twitter.

Well, there is always a silver lining, if you look for it.

Given the spate of mistakes in his tweets, at least we know that it’s unlikely those weren’t lifted from somewhere!