After Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s violent threats, Twitterati bid for a WWE match

After Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s violent threats, Twitterati bid for a WWE match

After Joe Biden said that he would "beat the hell out of" Donald Trump at a rally, the POTUS bragged about his beating skills on Twitter. Soon, Twitterati went berserk urging for a wrestling match between the two.

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Some even demanded a WWE match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump! (Source: Rajan Sharma/ Indian Express)

Former US vice-president Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are not new to meme world. Neither is their dislike for each other. However, when Biden recently launched a scathing attack against the POTUS, and the latter retorted in his usual scornful way, Twitterati couldn’t stop taking a dig at the two “old” men and it’s hilarious. Some even demanded the two to wrestle each other in a WWE match!

On Tuesday (March 21), the former US VP, addressing a rally in University of Miami, said that he would have “beat the hell out of” Trump over his nasty remarks against women had he been in high school. According to reports, Biden said, “If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.” He went on to recall his high school days, and told the crowd, “I’m a pretty damn good athlete. Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest SOB in the room.”

Soon, Biden was criticised for his “loose” remark and many argued that it was not excepted from a seasoned politician. Trump too, lashed out at him and took to Twitter to attack him. The 71-year-old president bragged, “he [Biden] doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way.”

Soon this spat that could lead to a brawl, became the fodder of memes and jokes on the Twitterverse. It got so much attention that the two US senators from rival parties challenged each other to a duel. Thankfully, it was just a snowball fight. And on the other hand, Tweeple couldn’t stop imagining how the actual scene would look like if they both got into a fight. Sample this.

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