Watch: Differently-abled war veteran picks up 505 kg to make seated deadlift record

Watch: Differently-abled war veteran picks up 505 kg to make seated deadlift record

The unbelievable feat by Britain's Martin Tye, eclipsing the heaviest Strongman deadlift record set by the World's Strongest Man 2017 is inspiring people online.

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With immense dedication, Martin Tye achieved his unbelievable record.

A differently-abled war veteran recently made a Guinness World Record for a seated deadlift. British Army veteran, Martin Tye, attempted the heaviest seated deadlift, a challenge that involves picking up a 505 kg and is quite daring as the weight is 5 kg more than what the “World’s Strongest Man 2017”, Eddie Hall, lifted when he achieved the title.

The attempt took place at North Somerset’s Strongest Man event at Wraxall, England earlier this month. And the joy of setting the record was not only evident on Tye’s face but also on the faces of the crowd that cheered for him.

Tye, who served as a lance corporal with the army, experienced several injuries while serving in Afghanistan when an attack by a suicide bomber in Kabul that left him paralyzed. However, fighting against all odds he refused to give up and emerged as an Invictus Games star.

In 2017, he represented the UK at the Invictus Games in Toronto, winning a number of medals including gold in Men’s Heavyweight Powerlifting and the Men’s Indoor Rowing Sprint.


“I want to show the world what disabled people can do. Okay we do it in a different way but that doesn’t mean we’re weaker,” the strongman told the record agency after his achievement.

But Tye is no stranger to competitions and records even though he has been competing in disabled strongman events for just over three years now. Breaking Eddie Hall’s heaviest Strongman deadlift attempt earlier this year he also lifted 501 kg at the Arnold Sports Festival and that’s what gave him the confidence to push the bar further.