Debates on Pakistan news channels after Uri attack have fun, but no facts

Debates on Pakistan news channels after Uri attack have fun, but no facts

Here is some coverage from Pakistan after the Uri attack that makes one wonder about the kind of news being telecast on Pakistani TV channels.

From getting historical facts wrong to being critical of their own PM, these Pakistani news channels seem to have covered the events following the Uri attack in a very questionable light.

As India looks for non-military actions against Pakistan to avenge the killing of Indian soldiers in Uri, TV channels of the neighbouring country are focused on how to counter Indian forces in case it goes for a surgical strike. However, most of the debates and news packages being run on the TV channels seem to be full of wrong facts, questionable arguments and laughable content.

From Balochistan to the killing of Burhan Wani and the unrest in Kashmir, all are being discussed, while criticising Indian government and armed forces. One channel almost claimed Pakistan’s success during the Kargil war, saying, in case India thinks of attacking Pakistan they will meet the same fate.

Here are some clippings from the Pakistani TV news coverage after the Uri attack that makes one wonder what kind of news they’re broadcasting out there.

Indian Army Chief Dalbir Singh Afraid Of Pakistan: The anchor in this video is seen quoting chief of Pakistan Army as telling India “Bahut Maar padegi agar Pakistan pe humla karney ka socho to” (Will be beaten up badly in case you think of attacking us). May be she had forgotten what happened in 1965 and 1971.



Yaad Karo Kargil Ko: This Urdu news channel got its history wrong in this news package, which says India must recollect the memory of Kargil war before thinking to strike Pakistan. It says Pakistan destroyed India’s aircraft when it crossed the LoC and it will do the same in case Indian forces decides to go for a war with Pakistan. Well, we all know how Indian troops threw back Pakistani infiltrators from Indian soil.


Nawaz Shairf’s failure at the UN: The panellists here are attacking Pakistani parliamentarians for not being able to resolve the Kashmir issue. They want several committees to visit countries across the globe with classified documents about Indian atrocities and unmask India in front of the world. One of the panellists was even critical of Nawaz Sharif for being not fully prepared before his UN address. “He must have carried papers. Aap haath hilaatey jaatey hain to aapko seriously nahi liya jata.


Uri attack to divert attention from Kashmir unrest: According to 92 HD, the Uri attack happened at a time when Nawaz Sharif was going to raise Kashmir issue in UN. And by staging the Uri attack, India is apparently trying to divert the attention from Kashmir and link terrorism to Pakistan. Well, the global condemnation of Nawaz Sharif’s UN speech says it all.


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