Couple share birthing photo shoot; the new born is a 5-month-old KITTEN!

Couple share birthing photo shoot; the new born is a 5-month-old KITTEN!

A cat-loving couple did a birthing photo shoot, where the woman pretended to give birth to a five-month-old kitten and her partner posed along with her. The pictures, that were clicked by her photographer friend went viral and created quite a buzz on social media.

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Couple stun people with their unusual birthing photo shoot. (Source: Elizabeth Woods-Darby/Facebook)

When it comes to bizarre photo shoots, social networking websites serve as an open platform for people to try out different things and put it out for everyone to see. However, sometimes the ‘unconventionality’ of these go beyond comprehension and they leave many confused. A couple on social media startled everyone when they uploaded pictures of their ‘new baby’, along with the ‘birthing’ pictures. However, the baby is a five-month-old kitten that the couple are welcoming in their family.

Facebook user Lucy Schultz shared the good news along with the pictures. In her post, she wrote, “On 1/10/18 we welcome our first baby kitten, a neutered male DLH. He is 22″ long and weighed 6 pounds 7 oz. He is already eating solid food. Name to be announced. We are so in love <3 Thank you @Elizabeth.WoodsDarby for capturing these amazing first moments!!”

Schultz’s bio on Facebook describes her as “a wedding photographer who recently gave birth to a cat.” Once the pictures were put out, it took no time for them to go viral on social media. At the time of writing, the post had already received over 28,000 likes and 75,000 shares. However, the kitten who is an orange and white male was yet to be named.

The pictures were clicked by Schultz’s photographer friend Elizabeth Woods-Darby and have received a mixed response from people on social media. While most of the people commenting on the post love the photo shoot, others are not very pleased with it. However, irrespective of that the kitten is sure an adorable ‘baby’. In an interview to 9News, Schultz said that she did not expect to receive such a response for these pictures. Moreover, they weren’t public when first posted but once they went viral, she opened it to all.