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Netizens think this method of removing excess fat from food is ‘much needed’ at dhabas

The coldness of ice helps in freezing the fat floating over the dish.

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The internet is full of quick and effective hacks that frequently go viral. One such viral hack that explains how we can remove excess oil from food is being widely circulated online.

A viral video posted on Twitter by popular account Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) shows how a person dips a round-shaped ice block into an oily broth. Interestingly the layer of fat floating over the dish sticks to the ice block and then freezes on it within seconds. The person then easily scraps the layer of frozen fat from the ice before repeating the process.

The video of this innovative cooking hack has gathered over one million views since it was posted on October 2.

While sharing this video a Twitter user wrote, “Much needed in most dhabas. That layer of oil makes me wonder when the US will invade.”

Another person wrote, “I put ice in a clean plastic bag and use it in the same way to remove excess oils and fat from broth. The fat can be reused”.

Many netizens expressed that they found the video oddly relaxing. Echoing this view, a Twitter user wrote, “Oh ! So relaxing to watch ! I can feel my stress disappearing!”. “Therapeutic to watch”, wrote another one.

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Previously, a video of an egg peeling hack had gone viral. In the clip, the person puts the hard-boiled egg in a glass, fills water in it and then rapidly shakes the glass. Following this quick technique, the peel easily slides off the egg.

First published on: 04-10-2022 at 12:56:38 pm
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