College student turns to Tinder to get help with math before an exam

College student turns to Tinder to get help with math before an exam

"I NEED HELP WITH CALCULUS" she wrote on a paper and snapped a photo to use as a profile picture on the dating app. Soon her tweet with the screenshot went viral and many came forward to offer help.

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Who knew Tinder could even help in your academics! (@maddibraps/ Twitter)

A 19-year-old girl has helped the world realise there’s one more use for the app: seek help for an exam.  Second-year student, Maddi McMaster, who is studying at the University of Minnesota turned to Tinder when she couldn’t find anyone to help her with a calculus paper, a day before her midterm examination.

“I NEED HELP WITH CALCULUS” she wrote on a paper and snapped a photo, which she then used as her profile picture on the app. And to prevent any confusion, she listed her problem and what people should consider before they swiped right on her.

“I have a calculus midterm tomorrow and I have no idea how to do any of it. I literally just need help with calculus, I’m in Walter right now. ONLY SWIPE RIGHT IF YOU ARE GOOD AT MATH,” she wrote in her bio.

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She also tweeted a screenshot of her Tinder profile.

The tweet gained a lot attention online and left many in splits. Now, many say they’re going to do the same.

McMaster told Mashable that she had “procrastinated with studying”,  and the high school junior who usually helped her out with homework wasn’t on campus that late. When online tutorials didn’t help, she resorted to the dating app. She said that although she didn’t meet anyone interesting, enough people offered her help through DMs on Instagram and Twitter. And she has decided to shift to Liberal Arts in the next semester.

Would something like this work in India?